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Wrigley Field from a Rooftop

Wrigley Field from a Rooftop

The rooftop seats surrounding Wrigley Field are as iconic as the ballpark itself.

The Cubs ownership are going forward with a plan to block the views from the rooftops and erect video boards and signage in the outfield. Even though they have a contract with the rooftop owners for a share of the revenue, the Cubs are going ahead with their plans and have told the owners to sue them. So that’s the basics.

To me, the most amusing part of the argument is from the Cubs, saying they need to keep their fans engaged. Walking around the ballpark the Cubs management sees people playing with their phones and aren’t watching the action on the field, and they feel a video board or two would solve this problem.

Have the Cubs management seen what happens on the field?

A batter walks up to the plate and adjusts his gloves and helmet. The pitcher throws the baseball and it’s high and outside for a ball. The batter, while he hasn’t moved, steps out of the box, adjust his gloves and helmet EVEN THOUGH HE DIDN’T MOVE. And, before you think I’m angry, the above example came from Bud Selig, commissioner of Major League Baseball, on why the game needs to be sped up.

Point being: In my opinion, putting a video board in right and left field shouldn’t be done to entertain the fans, the focus should instead be improving the product on the field, like speeding up the game and making the time between pitches less than what it currently is. If that doesn’t seem to be working after a year or two, maybe then look at video boards.

The current lack of video boards and signage at Wrigley Field is what gives the ballpark its charm. There isn’t loud pop music blaring from the speakers, cheerleaders standing on top of the dugouts throwing out T-shirts, and there aren’t enormous jumbotrons in the outfield. An experience at Wrigley Field is a chance to go back and watch baseball played like it was when your grandfather took in a baseball game.

Then again, the game your grandfather went to took twenty-five minutes less than a game played today.

On a side note, the above picture of Wrigley Field was taken from the 3639 Wrigley Rooftop. The overall experience of watching a ballgame from their rooftop is pretty sweet, but in addition to having one of the better views of the ballpark in front of you, there is the skyline over your shoulder and the famous L train behind you. For a rooftop experience, I can’t recommend anywhere else.

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Waveland and Wilton

This isn’t the picture I was going for this night, but I found myself a block from Wrigley Field as the sun was setting.  Seeing the sky slowly turn pink was impressive, so I set up the tripod and waited for a train to fly by.

As it turns out, this is one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken of Wrigley Field.  I think the ballpark is a photographic field day any time of day, but most pictures I’ve viewed are of the front of the building during the day.  Having an iconic part of Chicago (the CTA train) whiz by as the sun sets behind Wrigley is even more delicious.

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Looking Out From Wrigley’s Scoreboard

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a television show to use my previously posted image from inside of Wrigley Field’s scoreboard. It was a nice e-mail to receive and it made me think about other pictures I have from inside the iconic landmark. Hence, this image.

As you can probably figure out, this picture was taken from inside the Chicago Cubs’ famous manually operated scoreboard, looking out at a quiet Wrigley Field before a game later in the afternoon.

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Bricks and Ivy of Wrigley Field

In the day and age of player safety, the fact that Major League Baseball lets the Chicago Cubs have a completely padless wall in their outfield is fascinating to me.

Tradition? Yes. Crazy? Quite possibly.

The outfield wall of Wrigley Field is great because it’s old brick covered with nearly a century of ivy. Throw in some bright yellow paint and a random baseball stuck in the vegetation and it’s fun to sit and stare at the wall.

Every time I am fortunate enough to be able to stand close enough to touch it, I always look hard for a baseball. I’ve been at games where one ball falls into the ivy and two balls fall out. I’m curious, at the end of the season, how many baseballs (and other objects) are found lodged in the ivy of the friendly confines.

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Night Game at Wrigley Field

A new baseball season brings so much anticipation and excitement. Up until this point, the slate is clean and hope springs anew.

Oftentimes, because of my job and living in the city of Chicago, I’m asked who do I like better: the Cubs or the Sox? Truth be told, I like both teams a lot.

While I think the American League is more difficult because of the designated hitter, I like that pitchers have to bat in the National League, making it more of a “team” thing (besides, if you get a pitcher who can hit, it becomes another threat to the opponent).

In the end, I just look for quick games.  The Cubs and Sox have the ability to draw out some excruciatingly long games, and Major League Baseball never bothers enforcing the “12 seconds between pitches” rule.

As for the above image, obviously, I took this picture of Wrigley Field at night.  I remember it being one of those blazing hot summer nights and I rode my bike to the ballpark. Carrying my photo gear while peddling through Chicago’s streets was a pain in the butt, and I was a sweaty hot mess by the time my image-making was completed. However, some friends called as I was wrapping up and it was nice to enjoy some frosty, cold beverages with them.

The hotter summer nights get, the better tasting a bucket of beer can be.

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Ivy, Fence, Flags and Stanchions

In September of 2006 I brought my camera to Wrigley Field.  It was one of those iconic days of summer, where the temperature was already 90 degrees Fahrenheit  (32.2 Celsius) by nine o’clock in the morning.

I loathe days like that.

At any rate, I felt this picture was slightly appropriate because I’m currently working out my summer baseball schedule.  In years past I’ve worked a bunch of baseball games — the highest number of games being 101 games, the lowest being 75 games.

While baseball is my least-favorite of the major sports (see yesterday’s post concerning my favorite sport), I really like working baseball games in Chicago because the Cubs have a bunch of day games, so I have summer evenings off, and I can ride my bike to and from work.

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Winter Classic

This picture was taken the night before the Winter Classic at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois.  Considering the chaos that as about to ensue, I remember at the time it was very, very quiet.

The following morning — game day — I was taking in the scene, just off of the ice, when Martin Havlat (then of the Blackhawks) came out and was standing next to me.  He let out a “Wow” to no one in particular.  I asked him the last time he played a hockey game outside and he said it was years ago, probably when he was twelve or thirteen. In chatting a bit more, I asked him if he was excited, and he motioned to the ice with his head and said “How can you not be?”

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Division Flags

Today is Memorial Day, a time in the United States when we honor our country’s past and present service members for the blanket of liberty the rest of us get to soundly sleep under every night.  In searching for pictures, this one struck me immediately as today’s post.

On top of Wrigley Field’s scoreboard the National League flags fly.  They are ordered in the rankings of the division, so there is West, Central and East, all topped by American Flag.

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Left Field Foul Pole

Today is opening day at Wrigley Field! By the end of the day, the Cubs should be mathematically eliminated from the post-season.

I took this picture in 2006 while looking up Wrigley Field‘s left field foul pole. (In 2009 the Cubs also retired Fergie Jenkins number and his name and number fly in the wind with Santo and Banks.)

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Hallowed Ground

It’s always interesting to me that the guys who work within Wrigley Field’s scoreboard seem to have no idea just how many people think they have the greatest job in the world. They work in an iconic “office” that, not only is it Wrigley Field, but it’s inside Wrigley Field’s scoreboard. (Then again, having to watch the Chicago Cubs play every single home game might feel more like a prison sentence.)

Obviously, this picture is from within Wrigley Field’s scoreboard. The bright light coming from the ceiling (a ways down) is the trap door to get onto the roof (where the “W” or “L” flags fly). The green number panels are just stickers that the worker will pull off if they need a number 18 today, but a number 19 tomorrow.

I’ve been up in the scoreboard a number of times, but I still think it’s an incredible place to visit.

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