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Changing Leaves

Autumn seems to have come and gone very quickly this year.  For being my favorite time of year, I didn’t get as much photography in as I would have liked.

Like any fan of the Chicago Cubs, “there’s always next year.”

October 2009. (3063)

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California Navel Oranges

My step-father opened a grocery store just outside of Madison, Wisconsin in the town of DeForest.  I’ve used the store as an opportunity to try different types of photography.  I have those grungy photos from when we were in the store jack-hammering, welding, sweeping, building and cleaning.  I have some images from the store getting stocked, with boxes upon boxes getting loaded onto shelves.  Then there are these pictures, when the store is open for business.

It’s nice to wander around in the store with the camera, because most places won’t let anybody with a “real” camera anywhere near their place of business.  In this case, though, I “know a guy,” so I get free reign.

As the sign (and subject of this post) states, these are California Naval Oranges, part of the end-cap display in the produce department.

February 2010. (1703)

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Every year around this time I try to visit my parents. My work schedule doesn’t allow a couple of days off regularly, until the calendar gets to October.

The journey to their place involves passing several roadside stands selling fruits and veggies. This particular year I stopped and bought a few apples and such, but decided to load up on some other things. I had my camera gear with me and I was curious if I could pay around with some Fall fruits and vegetables.

The result was what you see above. I like close-up shots of things, and the gourds provided a good opportunity for just that. My step-mom and I took turns taking pictures and trying new things. She later turned one of her images into a water color, which, to this day, is still her single best-selling painting.

October 2007. (1088)

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Foggy Wisconsin Barn

My dad lives near Viola, Wisconsin, so I get up to their neck of the woods quite  a bit to visit.

Whenever I do, I bring my camera.  Some days it sits in my bag on the floor the entire stay, but most of the time I get it out and go wander.  Some days I get up to watch the sun rise, other days I stay out to watch the sun set.  Sometimes I do both.

The last time I was up there I found this old abandoned farm.  (The farmhouse sits across the gravel road from it, but I’m not entirely sure the house is abandoned.)  I like places like this barn, and I’ll continue to stop and check on it when I visit. It takes on an entirely different view when it’s fogged in or a bright sunshine-filled day.

September 2011. (8735)

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Fond du Lac Lighthouse at Sunset

Growing up, I would often visit my grandparents in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.  The bedroom I would sleep in was upstairs and faced the Fond du Lac Lighthouse.  During the winter, the city of Fond du Lac will decorate Lakeside Park with a plethora of holiday lights and the marquee decoration seems to be a cut-out of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on the top of the lighthouse.  Rudolph’s nose would be the lighthouse’s blinking red beacon.

For a kid, it was the coolest thing ever: after climbing into bed, I would watch Rudolph’s nose blink on the top of the lighthouse until I drifted off to sleep.

I’m fairly certain that’s why, even now, I have a weak spot in my heart for lighthouses.

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Fond du Lac Lighthouse at Sunrise

This is the Fond du Lac lighthouse, located at the Southern end of Lake Winnebago, at the entrance to the Yacht Club.

I was up visiting my mom for a day or two and wanted to get up one morning to take pictures of our nearby lighthouse at sunrise.  So, at 6AM my alarm goes off and as I’m getting ready to head out my mom said she’d like to come along.  I warn her it’ll be boring and cold, but sure!

So, my mom and I sat in the car waiting for whatever Mother Nature would present.  Eventually, there was about twenty seconds of sunshine peaking through the clouds before the sunlight went away for the rest of the morning and, keeping with tradition of my friend Danny and I, my mom and I went for breakfast.  I do love me some breakfast after an early morning photo shoot!

(2949) 1009.

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Milwaukee Art Museum

This is another one of the pictures taken in Milwaukee, Wisconsin the weekend I was up there with an awful hotel room. The Milwaukee Art Museum is a fantastic venue, both inside and out. It was designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and the bird-like “wings” open and close twice a day.

(2690) 0909.

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Pink Fountain

This is another picture taken on my work adventure in Milwaukee a couple of years ago.  This time, it was the Milwaukee Art Museum before work.  Beautiful clouds in the sky and random pink dye in the fountain!

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Yellow Flower and Bee

On my desktop are a boatload of flower pictures that I need to decide what to do with: upload them to Facebook, put them on this blog, dump them to Flickr, etc.  This spring I feel like I have been obsessed with flower photography, moreso I feel like I’m obsessed with getting shots of bees pollinating flowers.

It’s a basic principle of life we learned about in grade school.  The flower creates pollen, and bees carry that pollen from one flower to another, thus allowing the flower to reproduce itself.  When I bought my macro lens, I saw — for the first time with my own eyes — pollen on the legs of a fly about to be carried to another flower.  There was something about that small world that I was intrigued by.

Last weekend I was up visiting my mom and staked out some nearby flowers.  On the sunny day of my visit, the flowers had opened to the sunshine and bees were working their magic.  This particular bee doesn’t have as much pollen on its body, but I still like all of the detail visible in the little guy.

(9358) 0511.

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Miller Park

I worked my first baseball game of the year this past weekend.  It was a spring training game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Chicago White Sox, in Glendale, Arizona.  At my hotel in the morning were a handful of Dodger tryouts taking the bus to the ballpark in an attempt to play their way onto the team.  They were a good group of young guys that had clearly bonded through the first couple of weeks of training.  We all hung out in the lobby prior to them piling on the bus in an attempt to chase down every kids dream.

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Hyde’s Mill

Hyde’s Mill is in the unincorporated township of, wait for it, Hyde, Wisconsin.  It’s about an hour west of Madison, Wisconsin and ten minutes off of a main road.  It’s very peaceful there.  I’ve stopped several times at all sorts of hours and occasionally someone will drive up, get out to take a picture, and be back on their way.  For the most part, however, it’s such a rural area that no one really stops by.

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Wind Point Lighthouse

Windpoint Lighthouse in Racine, Wisconsin.

I think I took this picture the same week I bought my first D-SLR camera.

Back in the Summer of 2005 I had to go to Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin for work, so I drove up along the shores of Lake Michigan stopping to be a tourist along the way. Of course, I brought my new toy along. Proving sometimes pictures take themselves, at the time, I knew nothing about what I was doing and the camera was on “full-auto” for picture. Now days I use tripods, filters, processing programs and plan out photo safaris based on upcoming weather patterns.

I’m a dork.

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This dog, Caesar, is one of the most active dogs you will ever encounter in your life. To this day, I still have no idea how I got him to sit while I laid in the grass and took a picture of him with the rainbow in the background. I probably had 0.0000003 seconds to snap this image of him before he bolted away.

(2915) 1009.

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Wisconsin Wildflowers

Wisconsin Wildflowers

Some time back a friend asked me what my favorite picture I’ve ever taken was.

I didn’t really have an answer.

After a bunch of thinking, I may have to vote this picture, which is funny because it doesn’t really register on the “awesome-meter”. The reason I’m voting this picture is because photography has taught me A LOT about patience … because I have none. Photography forces me to sit in mittens, a hat, and snow pants while underneath my tripod, waiting for that one small break in the clouds to get just the right picture. I’m really learning that photography is a lot of timing and preparation to capture that single moment in time.

So, back to the above picture.

While at my dad’s farm in rural Wisconsin, I took a picture. The sun was in a terrible spot and the shadows were awful.  The next morning, with the sun in a better position, I took a handful of shots and something was always missing. Then I realized the clouds were really adding to the mix, but I had to wait until the right clouds. So, I waited. And waited.

And then waited some more.

Eventually I saw the right clouds come over the distant hills, and after seeing the potential composition for a picture, it was about twelve hours of waiting to get the sun, clouds and flowers into the right spot. Is this the best picture I’ve ever taken? No, but it is one of my favorites, because I learned a lot about timing, preparation and patience.

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