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Vancouver Skyline and Seaplane

While up in Vancouver for a few days, some friends and I wandered around the harbor.  British Columbia is stunningly beautiful, and it always helps seeing things one doesn’t normally see.  In this particular case, watching all of the seaplanes come and go certainly lended itself to some of the charm.

February 2011. (8044)

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Free Bike

This bike was at the bottom of a twenty foot drop.  I’m assuming some kids threw it over the railing, and it wasn’t some failed bicycle stunt.  Either way, it’s a free bike for somebody!

(8028) 0211.

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From Granville Island

Last week I framed three black and white pictures for the house, but a few years ago I wouldn’t touch black and white photos to save my life.  After taking a photo immersion course in Maine a few years back, I learned a lot more about black and white photography.  I’ve since taken a number of pictures knowing they’d make better black and white’s than color images.  This is one of those images.

(8098) 0211.

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Yellow Brick Wall

I love simple colors like this.  It’s just yellow moss growing wherever it can, in this case in between bricks and on a concrete wall.

(8069) 0211.

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