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French Canyon Black and White

This past weekend my wife was out of town and I had great plans of living the life of a bachelor. However, Friday’s baseball game involved a nearly-four hour rain delay and Saturday I fell asleep on the couch before I could make it out to a friend’s birthday party.

So, I ended up doing a lot of nothing.

Something I did before I fell asleep was go through a lot of my “saved” websites within my internet browser. Basically, over the years, I’ve been bookmarking photographers I like with the intention of going back to their site to see what they’ve been up to. Turns out I forgot about most of them. With the advent of Facebook, I looked up each of them to see who had pages and who didn’t. I liked whoever had a Facebook “photography” page where I can, hopefully, keep up better with what they’re doing.

None of this, of course, has anything to do with the above picture from Starved Rock State Park near Utica, Illinois.

(3182) 1009.

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Stream of French Canyon

Several of the canyons within Starved Rock State Park are very well known, and very photogenic.

The nice part, much like Yosemite and other parks before it, Starved Rock offers so many opportunity to create images without doing the often-photographed place.

Here, for example, is a small stream.  Around the corner, just out of view upstream, is the famous French Canyon.

October 2009. (3149)

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Frechman’s Canyon at Starved Rock

Autumn is fast approaching.  Well, according to the calendar I think it’s technically here, but I mean Autumn-as-in-colors-are-changing-on-the-trees is fast approaching.  I’ve been using weather.com’s fall foliage map to keep tabs on the current state of the changing colors.

A few years back I spent an Autumn day at Starved Rock (IL) State Park and snapped a bunch of images and this is one of them, from Frechman’s Canyon (one of the parks more photographed locations).

October 2009. (3188)

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