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Dallas Skyline

Dallas Skyline

I’ve just returned home from a week-and-a-half in Fort Worth, Texas. I had some grand plans to get out and shoot a boatload of pictures during my stay, however schedules being what they are, it didn’t happened. I only made it out to take pictures twice, and the second night really didn’t produce anything I’m too thrilled about.

This is a fun picture from the first night, in Dallas, Texas. There is an obscure road crossing over I-30 just west of the city. It has a spectacular view of the skyline, and since I’m addicted to the trailing lights of passing cars, it was a perfect spot.

Amusingly, I’m glad I brought along a few different lenses because I ended up surprising myself. My “go to” lens is the 24-70mm, but for this picture I just couldn’t zoom in close enough to the skyline. I tried the 70-200mm and really liked the results. It was all a matter of time before the sun dropped below the horizon and I got the deep blue sky I desired.

For spending so much time in one place I really wish I could have gotten out more, but with the weather being cloudy, cold and super-overcast most every day, plus my other commitments for why I was actually there, I didn’t get out too much. Had the weather been twenty degrees warmer (like it was supposed to be the following weekend), or the clouds not been choking the city, I would have certainly come home with many more images.

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