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Beans for Sale

Beans for Sale

Our plan on Saturday morning was to head towards “downtown” Siracusa, Sicily and rent a couple of scooters. There was a beach far enough from town that walking was out of the question. As we approached the scooter rental facility, it looked 100% seedy with barely a sign of “Scooter Rentals” anywhere. My wife and I chose to keep walking because surely this couldn’t be the scooter rental we were looking for.

As we aimlessly wandered through town, we noticed everyone seemed to be coming and going from a partilcular street, and naturally we decided to investigate.

Walking through the small-town market of Sicarusa, Sicily still stands as one of my most enjoyable travel experiences. My wife and I slowly walked through the market in awe at the various items sold. Fresh fish. Fresh pasta. Fresh spices. Fresh vegetables. Everywhere we looked there was deliciousness ready to be purchased.

As we took our time in loading up on spices and olive oil, my wife and I turned to head back toward our bed and breakfast. Halfway back through the market an older woman, who was walking next to me, looked over and said “Bella, eh?”

While I glaringly stood out as a tourist and this woman recognized it, she also knew this was a pretty spectacular sight and wanted to acknowledge it with the random stranger next to her.

Bella  indeed.

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Where Did I Put My Boat?

While walking around Siracusa, Sicily, my wife and I passed by an area with a number of locals swimming in the Mediterranean Sea; some were adults, some were children, and others were adults acting like children. As we were watching the people all splash around in the water, we noticed a small boat bumping up against the rocks behind us.

The boat wasn’t tied off to anything, nor was it occupied by anyone. Stranger still, no one seemed to care about the boat.

The water was shallow enough that we walked over and checked it out, and it looked to be sealed up.  We’re not sure if one of the people swimming just dumped it there while they frolicked in the water, or if it broke loose in the harbor and ended up where we saw it.

Whatever the case, the next day we returned with our suits to go swimming and the boat was gone.

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Fishing Boats

Whenever we travel, my wife and I try to get off of the well-beaten tourist path. Sometimes it might mean we’re hiking down a mountain in flip-flops, or other times we’ve found ourselves in places that mom might be disappointed we’ve ventured to. (One of my favorite pictures came from aimlessly wandering down railroad tracks in Thailand and can be viewed by clicking here.)

While in Sicily, we wandered away from the coastline and explored old churches and dirty neighborhoods. It was our first time really out of the country, so we were much more guarded then we are now on similar excursions. After speaking with an Italian man in Spanish — because it was the only common language we knew — we found our way back to the sea, and popped out near a bunch of tied-off fishing boats. We were new to traveling and I was new to photography, so a few years later we’d have gone back at sunrise to enjoy the hustle and bustle.

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