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Colorful Stained-Glass Reflections

Before heading to the Galapagos Islands, we decided to explore Quito, Ecuador for a bit (we also went to the famed market in Otavalo). ¬†While we were exploring, we ended up spending a lot of time in the one of Quito’s churches.

I remember climbing a lot of stairs in this particular church.

The first thing was climbing a few flights of stairs to reach the back of the church. Later, we would continue climbing to the very top of the steeple, where my mom decided to ring the bell with everything she had. It may have been the most surprised I’ve ever been, for two reasons: The first, was the deafening blast of the bell ringing, and second was because my normally quiet mother decided to wake most of Quito with the clanging of the church bells.

At any rate, as we climbed to the top of the church, I really, really enjoyed the sun shining through the various colors of the stained-glass windows, thus reflecting them on the church’s floor.

March 2007. (0098)

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