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Father and Son Boat Watching

It’s been so long since I took this image, I’m pretty sure it’s a man and his son just hanging out, watching boats pass through one of Amsterdam’s many canals.

Alisha and I were in Holland during the winter months, celebrating  a friend’s birthday.  I’d love to get back during the warm, summer months and enjoy the cities and countryside and everything they have to offer.

March 2006. (0322)

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Bikes and Canals of Amsterdam

For my friend’s 40th birthday a bunch of us flew to Amsterdam and stayed on a houseboat for a week.  In an attempt to “check out the neighborhood,” Alisha and I went to London, Belgium and then made our way to the Netherlands.

I like how different each country of Europe is, considering they all have an enormous similaritiy in being part of the Eurozone. London loves is tube and bus system; Amsterdam loves it’s canal and bicycles.

March 2006. (0658)

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Pot Smoker

Today’s picture is for all of my friends and readers who indulge.  Happy April 20th.

(0486) 0306.

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Aw, nuts!

Aw, Nuts!

As mentioned several times in this space, I’m a sucker for markets in other countries.

This picture is from an outdoor market in Amsterdam.  About halfway through the market some friends and I found a little diner-type place and I ordered the house special — a hamburger.  It was probably the largest, sloppiest burger I’ve ever had the pleasure to devour, but it was so good.

(0477) 0306.

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