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St. Louis Arch

For quite awhile, St. Louis, Missouri has been on my list of places to drive down and do a “photo safari” through, for something like 24 hours.  It wouldn’t take much time or money, but if I set out and really went full-throttle, it’d be fun to do.  The Arch, Busch Stadium, that whole downtown night-life area, the Mississippi River are a few of places I’d like to hit.

As a kid, my family took a weekend trip to St. Louis and saw a show on one of the boats and went high up in The Arch.  More recently, some buddies and I went down for a weekend and watched our beloved Blackhawks play the St. Louis Blues.  It was a fun weekend with the guys, but it’d be nice to do something 100% photography driven.

(1962) 1211.

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