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Milwaukee Art Museum

This is another one of the pictures taken in Milwaukee, Wisconsin the weekend I was up there with an awful hotel room. The Milwaukee Art Museum is a fantastic venue, both inside and out. It was designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and the bird-like “wings” open and close twice a day.

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Pink Fountain

This is another picture taken on my work adventure in Milwaukee a couple of years ago.  This time, it was the Milwaukee Art Museum before work.  Beautiful clouds in the sky and random pink dye in the fountain!

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Miller Park

I worked my first baseball game of the year this past weekend.  It was a spring training game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Chicago White Sox, in Glendale, Arizona.  At my hotel in the morning were a handful of Dodger tryouts taking the bus to the ballpark in an attempt to play their way onto the team.  They were a good group of young guys that had clearly bonded through the first couple of weeks of training.  We all hung out in the lobby prior to them piling on the bus in an attempt to chase down every kids dream.

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