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Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Autumn. Is. Here.

Unfortunately the rain is, too.

I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to get out and photograph the colors of autumn with the rain we’re getting. Sure, the precipitation gives everything a nice washing and pretty shine, but it’s a bitch for the way it knocks the leaves off of the trees. It’s also not the best for camera equipment. So this is a picture from last year in Traverse City, Michigan!

Yey fall colors!

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Blasting Waves and Setting Sun

Blasting Waves and Setting Sun

A few weeks ago I traveled to Northern Michigan to explore the area and make images of the autumn colors. It was right around the “peak” time where the leaves of trees offer the best they have to offer. Amusingly, one of my favorite pictures from that journey isn’t of trees or leaves.

Arriving at the Point Betsie Lighthouse near Frankfort, Michigan, a storm was rolling across Lake Michigan several miles away from shore. As the massive storm cloud blew itself North, the setting sun was revealed behind it. Since the thunderstorm had kicked up the waves, it made for quite an unique experience of a bright sun setting below the clouds, but still these harsh waves slamming against the shoreline.

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Autumn Grass

Autumn Grass

This weekend I wandered around the area near Traverse City, Michigan to explore the various colors autumn had to offer. From the Sleeping Bear Dunes on the shores of Lake Michigan to the vineyards high atop bluffs, it was all quite beautiful.

In a year where I feel I didn’t get out to shoot pictures much, it’s nice to devote an entire weekend to exploring all of the colors Mother Nature has to offer.

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Sunset at St. Joseph Pier

On my list of things to do for quite some time was head over to Michigan to shoot some images of the lighthouses of their Western shore. I didn’t have any other real reason for wanting to do it except, “Why not?”

So, last week I made my way along I-94 from Chicago and aimed for St. Joseph, Michigan to shoot the North Pier Lighthouse. Having never been there, and only seeing a handful of other images, I wasn’t really sure what I’d stumble upon. (Most lighthouse pictures only shoot away from shore.)

Arriving in Benton Harbor, I realized I was on the opposite side of the river from where I wanted to be. After paying the $8.00 for parking, I drove around to the other side of the river and defiantly marched from my car to the shore — avoiding the $5.00 fee for parking in that town.

Several years ago, a co-worker and I were discussing our “hidden gifts.” All of us had them. His was getting a parking spot DIRECTLY in front of where he needed to be. This discussion took place in Washington D.C., and he had driven around to all of the major sights and scored a fine spot on the street in front each monument. My “hidden gift?” I’ll travel to the other side of the world and show up to find scaffolding. (One of my favorite images from Cambodia is of the sun rising behind Angkor Wat. The reason the temple is silhouetted, is you’d see nothing but scaffolding in front of the icon.)

I felt my trip to Michigan was falling into the same category. As I arrived, I found two massive barges anchored a few yards from the lighthouse, apparently dredging the river.

I know the dredging needs to be done, but damn, after driving a couple of hours to shoot the sun setting behind the lighthouse, it would have been nice to know the barges would be there.

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Porcupine Deer

Early in our dating life, Alisha and I took a couple of days and headed up to the Porcupine State Park in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  A week or so prior the autumn colors were at their prime, so we arrived when the winter fog started to roll in.  My sunrise pictures are nothin’ but fog, but it was still enjoyable since it was a week day and we had no one else around.

Because it was so quiet, the local wildlife were freely and happily roaming around the park.  The deer seemed to be enjoying the peacefulness, and paid no real care to the guy stumbling around with his camera.

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