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Crashing Waves at Pemaquid Point

Crashing Waves at Pemaquid Point

I feel like I’ve had a very Chicago-centric photoblog as of late. I think part of it comes from Instagram, because I get a far greater reaction to Chicago pictures than anything else, but also because I naturally have more pictures of Chicago.

Living in Chicago I can grab my camera and head out any time to shoot some images. There have been numerous occasions I’ve taken my camera along as I run errands and randomly stopped to fire off a few stills. As with a lot of travel situations, I’m only in that location for a few hours to a maybe a week for some longer stuff. (Turkey, for example, I was only in for a mere six hours.) On this website, however, I could probably spread out the pictures more. So, the above picture is the first step in doing that.

I had never been to Maine before, so in October of 2009 I grabbed my camera and attended a weeklong photography workshop. I had a fantastic time and greatly improved on my photography, and its always good to keep learning. In addition, I was able to get out and explore some fantastic regional sights, like Maine‘s Pemaquid Point Lighthouse.

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Waves Crashing at Pemaquid Point

Located in Bristol, Maine, the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse was first built in 1827. However, because the builder used salt water in his mortar mix, it didn’t survive the elements very well, and a new light was built in 1835 (this time, without the use of salt water).

Over a century later, more than 100,000 people visit the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse annually, and the light is featured on the state’s quarter.

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Rockport, Maine from Above

Autumn has come and gone here in Chicago, and it seems like it flew by (as it always does). I got up in a helicopter, but I had to go up a day or two earlier then I wanted because the weather was turning sour quickly. Cold mornings with howling winds don’t do well at keeping leaves on the trees, regardless of their color.

While going through pictures in various folders, I came upon this photograph, taken high up in Rockport, Maine’s Mt. Battie. I had gone to Maine at just the right time, right when fall colors were at their peak. Additionally, it had been an exceptionally wet late-summer, so scientifically speaking, trees tended to have more color than usual.

So as much as I can try to time out a helicopter shoot (booking it the day before), a lot of times photography is about luck and shooting the weather. This particular trip to Maine was booked several months out, when I had no idea of the weather conditions I’d be shooting in. Sometimes it is better to be more lucky than good.

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Fall Beauty

While most of the leaves have made their way from the trees to the ground, it’s still a fine time of year to look for fall colors. A lot of really pretty views can be had by looking much closer at the small details of nature.

I’ve seen a number of great photographs this year of brightly-colored leaves in the process of changing colors. Just yesterday I saw a fantastic image of a leaf sitting on the ground, but with a slight layer of frost on it. So, while the wide, expansive shots of autumn have, apparently, come and gone, the beautiful colors are still everyone.

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Lobster Traps and Fishing Boat

Maine is a beautiful place, especially around autumn.

Even busy places, like a pier used as a headquarter lobster fishing is a beautiful and relaxing place when it’s not during the chaos of boats coming and going, fishermen loading and offloading.

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Rockland Harbor Sunset

This image was taken towards the end of a very long day.

While attending the Maine Media Workshop in 2009, my brother and I awoke early to go capture the sun rising over the Rockport harbor.  It was a beautiful sunrise, and inspired us to keep going through the day.

As we zipped around the area taking more and more pictures throughout the day, we finished our classwork as the sun started to get low in the sky.  Since we watched the sun rise, why not watch it set?

This time, however, we raced to the Rockland harbor and watched the sun set from there.  After the sun dipped below the horizon, the bright orange colors still shined brightly in the sky.

October 2009. (0471)

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Maine’s Pemaquid Point Lighthouse


I have a couple of crazy/fun/artsy images from Maine’s Pemaquid Point Lighthouse on this website  (one of my favorite images is in my Portfolio Gallery), but no simple picture that just show the lighthouse.

So, here it is.

October 2009. (0137)

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Lobster Traps

From Rockport, Maine, these are a row of lobster traps. I’m fairly certain they were more for decoration then actual use, but lobster traps are always interesting to me.

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Chopping Wood

This is Jim Ostergard and he is a super-nice guy.  He’s was a fan of doing things the traditional way, so he chopped wood with an axe and carried it up to his house via horse.

October 2009. (0338)

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Single Tree

In their collection, it seems like every photographer has a picture of a lone tree in a field.  This is my “lone tree in a field” picture, taken just outside of Rockport, Maine.

October 2009. (0324)

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Rockport Maine Sunrise

I didn’t post any images the past few days because I was thrashing behind the scenes on my website.

If you’ve been here before, you know that my site looks a little bit different now.  (I’ve tried to kick it up a notch.) With the new website, I also changed web hosting companies.  All of the changes take a bit to matriculate through the internet, and there are still a few bugs to work out. In addition to the aforementioned technical issues, I have a couple of design issues I really need to work on (like the About Page).  But, for the most part, the new look is up and running.

So for today’s image, it’s a dramatic sunrise in Rockport, Maine.

A few years back my brother and I went to Maine for an über-photography class.  One particular day we woke up to catch sunrise.  We asked our instructor, who was from the area, a good place to start.  He gave us a fantastic recommendation overlooking the Rockport Harbor and the next morning we were up for sunrise.  It turned out to be an awesome sunrise, full of crazily intense colors.  (It was such a good sunrise, as a matter of fact, our instructor encouraged the rest of the class to do the same the next morning.)

My brother and I both have several fantastic images from that morning, and we somehow managed to stay up for the entire day to go out to shoot sunset, as well.  The next morning we were up for sunrise again, and the third morning we were ecstatic it was pouring rain, so we could finally sleep in.

October 2009. (0225)

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Maine Sunset Through the Trees

I’ve been working hard getting through my pictures from South Africa and Namibia, but had to make a pit-stop in my pictures from Maine for something else. While I was quickly scouring through images from the week I spent there, I passed this one and said, “Hey, I like that.”

While in Maine, a friend and I wandered down to the break water to watch the sunset.  He let me borrow his 80-200mm f/2.8 and it was a pretty sexy lens.  Heavy, but sexy.

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I have a boatload of pictures from Maine.  In October of 2009 I went to the Maine Media Workshop and engrossed myself with other photographers crafting our skills.  Coming home, I had a few pictures I’m really proud of (which some can be found on the United States gallery page, others can be found by clicking here) and then a handful of additional photos that I really, really like.

In this image, the tide goes in and out, and creates little pools of water on the rocks.  This is Maine’s Pemaquid Point Lighthouse reflected in that pool.

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Mt. Battie

Taken from Mt. Battie, overlooking Rockport, Maine, this is another picture I took, completely forgot about, then stumbled upon some time later.

It’s nice because currently, in Chicago, there is no color. At all. We’re smack-dab in the heart of winter, so even the sun poking out for fifteen minutes becomes a story on the news. Seeing this picture reminds me that spring and summer are around the corner and the weather will get better.

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