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War Memorial Stadium

War Memorial Stadium

I’ve been traveling quite a bit this fall working whatever college football game I am assigned. The first week of the season I was in Tucson, Arizona and had no time for anything outside of my assignment. The second week I made a point to get out and explore the area, which was good because I was in Laramie, Wyoming.

Laramie sits in southeastern Wyoming, essentially, in the foothills of the Rockies. Within an hour drive of my hotel I was through the rolling hills and high up in the mountains. Coming from Chicago, where everything is flat, the geography of Laramie was a welcome change.

Also, while covering the University of Wyoming Cowboys football game at War Memorial Stadium, I was able to set up and manage another time-lapse. I really like the way this one looked, although my camera’s battery died about a third of the way through.  The eleven seconds of footage I did get turned out well, and aside from failing Camera 101’s rule about charged batteries, I’m happy to be making progress on my time-lapse efforts.

The above image is a single frame from the aforementioned time-lapse.

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