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Sailboat Reflections

I have always grown up near water and spent a lot of time on or near boats. Just recently, I discovered I really enjoy taking pictures of them. Floating in the water, dry-docked for a cleaning or tied up in the harbor. One thing I particularly enjoy is the sound of the wind whipping through all of the boats’ lines.

In Kinsale, Ireland, the place my wife and I stayed was right near the water, so walking to or from town included a nice stroll along the harbor filled with boats. As the sun was setting and the air was getting cooler, the wind all-but-died. During our entire stay, I don’t think I saw the water get this calm again.

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Kinsale Harbor at High Tide

After reading through various guide books, I had the impression Kinsale, Ireland was a small town, but not that small.  When we arrived in the sleepy Irish harbor town, I was surprised to learn we could walk across town in a mere ten minutes.

I realize the guide books are targeting a wide audience, and Alisha and I can perhaps cover ground quicker than others, but even walking out to Charles Fort was a much faster journey than expected.

It turned out to be a nice thing, because we could cover ground faster than expected, and see all the small fishing town of Kinsale has to offer.

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Blue House, Red Vines and Pink Flowers


While wandering around Kinsale, Ireland, it was enjoyable to look at all of the houses and their bright, bright paint-jobs.  There were a variety of blues, reds, yellows and such.

This particular house had rich blue walls, with windows’ trim painted bright yellow.  What really caught my eye was the colors bursting out of the rain gutter.  I’m not sure what type of weed or flower it is, but I like the pink and red against the blue and green background.

June 2011. (1019)

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