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Setting Sun In Curno, Italy

While I was in Curno, Italy visiting family I only took a few photos, but I really, really like those few I took.

My cousin’s girlfriend was cooking up a fantastic storm while the sun was dropping low into the sky. I wandered out to the balcony and shot a few images of the sunset framed against the foothills of the Alps. I never saw the cross in the bottom of the image, until I got home and imported the photos into my computer.

0812. (1571)

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Milan’s Little Venice

This is, apparently, where a lot of the better restaurants are located in Milan, Italy. The district is referred to as “Little Venice,” because all of the restaurants lining the canal. While my wife and I slowly wandered up and down the waterway scouting restaurants, I realized it wasn’t full of tourists, as so many of these types of places can be.

It made for a beautiful evening of dining and people watching.

We ended up getting dinner near the footbridge farther down. The entire night I watched (out of the corner of my eye) a man try to sell “rubber band helicopters” to the passing tourists. One man bought one and promptly launched it onto the roof of a nearby house. A bit later, even the man selling them fired one into the canal.

It is dinners like these where I really, really enjoy travel; being able to sit and watch society stroll by is a wonderful thing. Being able to sit and watch society stroll by with a fine glass of wine is an even more wonderful thing.

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Setting Sun Over Curno Italy

Curno, Italy is a funny little town. It sits next to historical Bergamo in Northern Italy. Bergamo, because of its conservative nature, frowned upon shopping malls, multi-plex movie theaters and general big-city things. The city government of Curno said “Hey, over here!” and the building boom began.

By comparison, Milan (located about 30 miles/45km) to the southwest has 1.3 million people in the city itself, while Bergamo has 120,000 residents and tiny little Curno has 7,500.

While Curno has seen an influx of residents and shopping malls and such, it still manages to keep its small-town Italian charm with, among other things, the foothills of the Alps a short bit away. In the above picture, from the balcony of where my wife and I were staying, the sun sets on another day in this charmingly small Italian town.

Charming small Italian town with shopping malls.

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Italy’s Amalfi Coast

A little while back I posted an entry about contacting a cousin currently living in Italy (you can read that post by clicking here). Plans are coming together nicely for the upcoming trip and I find myself becoming more and more excited for it. In honor of said adventure, today’s photography blog post image is from the small Italian town of Positano, located in Italy’s famous Amalfi Coast.

My cousin lives in the town of Curno, Italy; about an hour northeast of Milan. As I was looking through Italy travel books I was quite pleased with the fact that nothing was mentioned of the town he lives in. Apparently it’s a bit off of the tourist radar.

I love that.

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Docks of Positano, Italy

Earlier this week I shot an e-mail to a cousin I’ve never met. He lives not far from Milan, Italy, and I’ll be in his neck of the woods later this year.

I’m a big believer in family and, while I’ve been to Europe before, this is the first time I’ll be going knowing family who lives there. When I clicked “send” on the e-mail, I was far more excited then I thought I’d be.

I like the idea of visiting friends and family when I’m in the neighborhood, and I really like the idea of an international twist to it.

In honor, the above picture is from Positano, Italy. My wife and I visited there in 2005 on our first trip together out of the country. We spent the day lounging on the beach; she napped in the sun, I watched the boats come and go while playing with rocks. In the evening we took a taxi to the top of the mountain for a fantastic Italian dinner at a restaurant overlooking the village.

I’m really looking forward to the prospect of going back to Italy, but this time meeting up with family.

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Tyrrhenian Sea Water Spout

In September of 2005 my then-girlfriend-now-wife and I went to Italy.  While on the island of Capri, we saw a water spout out in the Tyrrhenian Sea (the body of water between Italy’s “boot” and the island of Sardinia).  At the time, I didn’t think much about it.

It was my first real trip out of the country and I just sort of thought it was a frequent occurrence in Italy.  Additionally, I didn’t really know what was involved in creating a water spout, so we took a few pictures and moved on.

In retrospect, I wish we would have joined the fisherman pictured above and just watched the water spout move across the horizon.

Another picture of the water spout is located in the Europe Gallery page.

September 2005. (0529)

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Rome, Italy

In preparation for wedding stuff, I spent the evening going through pictures from past adventures in search of photos of Alisha and I.  Buried in the pictures from Rome, Italy was this image, captured from high atop St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City.

We reached the this vantage point by answering the age-old question of “Where do these stairs go?  The go up.”  So up we went!

It’s pretty tight quarters up here, but it’s one heck of a view!

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Fishing Boats

Whenever we travel, my wife and I try to get off of the well-beaten tourist path. Sometimes it might mean we’re hiking down a mountain in flip-flops, or other times we’ve found ourselves in places that mom might be disappointed we’ve ventured to. (One of my favorite pictures came from aimlessly wandering down railroad tracks in Thailand and can be viewed by clicking here.)

While in Sicily, we wandered away from the coastline and explored old churches and dirty neighborhoods. It was our first time really out of the country, so we were much more guarded then we are now on similar excursions. After speaking with an Italian man in Spanish — because it was the only common language we knew — we found our way back to the sea, and popped out near a bunch of tied-off fishing boats. We were new to traveling and I was new to photography, so a few years later we’d have gone back at sunrise to enjoy the hustle and bustle.

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