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Leafcutter Ants

This was a particularly fantastic adventure.

Alisha and I flew into Panama City.  We spent a few days exploring the largest city in Panama before heading to the small, domestic airport to catch a flight into the remote areas of the country. From there we took a four hour truck ride through the mountains, then caught a 20-minute water taxi to meet a guy at a bar, and then took another 40-minute boat ride to a nearly deserted island.

From there, we wandered and explored.

I had a near deadly run-in with a sting-ray.  We explored a native village and the children wouldn’t let Alisha and me leave.  We ended up kayaking into the middle of a shark going after its meal.  A local indian boy tried to teach me his tribe’s whistle, and then thought it was the funniest thing when I couldn’t get it right to save my life. I saw the coolest shooting star I’ll probably ever see in my life.  We celebrated my 28th birthday with piña coladas out of fresh coconuts.  And we sat and watched a group of carpenter ants carry leaves of a tree for nearly twenty yards into the ground.

August 2007. (0370)

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Sunken Boat

Sunken Boat

I’m not really sure of the story on this boat, except it sank awhile before we got there. So long, in fact, that if you look close, you’ll see some stuff extending out from the back. That “stuff” is someone’s ramshackle hut, complete with laundry line and boat dock.

I’m curious if the boat sank, and someone said, “I’m not leaving!” or alternatively, someone said “Hey! Sunken boat means free rent! Let’s go there!”

Either way, to get to this remote area of Panama we flew into Panama City, switched airports, flew another hour, rode four hours with our bags in the back of a pick-up truck, hopped in a water taxi and we passed this in said water taxi. Our final destination was a nearly deserted island with only a few people and a tribe of natives.

(0202) 0807.

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