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Cliffs of Moher

Located in County Clare, Ireland, are the famous Cliffs of Moher, and while planning our trip to the Emerald Isle, a trip to the 300 million year-old “bird sanctuary” was high on the list. The site receives nearly one million tourists each year, but is home to an estimated 30,000 different birds, covering about 20 different species. (The birds live in the countless nests that are perched along the wall, and come and go freely, without much fear of predators.)

Traveling through Ireland, my wife and I didn’t plan any “set in stone” itinerary, except for the last couple of days. I knew I really wanted to see the Cliffs of Moher in the afternoon, and hopefully with clear skies. While we worked out our schedule, I saw what day the weather was supposed to be clear, and to the Cliffs we went.

The Cliffs of Moher are amazingly dramatic. One could drive past them one hundred times and never know, on the other side of the hill, is a straight drop down 700 feet (214 meters) to the Atlantic Ocean below.

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Low Tide

I love quiet scenes like this.

Driving along the roads of Ireland, my wife and I passed a small little harbor with a couple of boats sitting around. It was low tide and a majority of the boats sat up onshore leaning and tilting in various directions. One boat had a man quietly working on it, but the rest of them seemed almost neglected. The boats were in good shape, so they were obviously cared for and not neglected, but seeing a boat tied up and ready to go without any water is kind of sad.

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Sailboat Reflections

I have always grown up near water and spent a lot of time on or near boats. Just recently, I discovered I really enjoy taking pictures of them. Floating in the water, dry-docked for a cleaning or tied up in the harbor. One thing I particularly enjoy is the sound of the wind whipping through all of the boats’ lines.

In Kinsale, Ireland, the place my wife and I stayed was right near the water, so walking to or from town included a nice stroll along the harbor filled with boats. As the sun was setting and the air was getting cooler, the wind all-but-died. During our entire stay, I don’t think I saw the water get this calm again.

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Kinsale Harbor at High Tide

After reading through various guide books, I had the impression Kinsale, Ireland was a small town, but not that small.  When we arrived in the sleepy Irish harbor town, I was surprised to learn we could walk across town in a mere ten minutes.

I realize the guide books are targeting a wide audience, and Alisha and I can perhaps cover ground quicker than others, but even walking out to Charles Fort was a much faster journey than expected.

It turned out to be a nice thing, because we could cover ground faster than expected, and see all the small fishing town of Kinsale has to offer.

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Blue House, Red Vines and Pink Flowers


While wandering around Kinsale, Ireland, it was enjoyable to look at all of the houses and their bright, bright paint-jobs.  There were a variety of blues, reds, yellows and such.

This particular house had rich blue walls, with windows’ trim painted bright yellow.  What really caught my eye was the colors bursting out of the rain gutter.  I’m not sure what type of weed or flower it is, but I like the pink and red against the blue and green background.

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Mountain Pass Bike Ride

While driving through Ireland’s “Ring of Kerry,” we ended up passing this bicyclist a few times.  We’d pass him in our car, then stop and take a few pictures of the scenery, before he’d go peddling by on his bike.  Eventually, Alisha and I would get back into the car, only to pass the rider, and a few minutes later, he’d pass us again while we were stopped.  Other times, like the time we saw him in the above picture, he passed us a few times while we sat there.

Turns out his name is David and he was on a “Bike Across Ireland” trip with some friends.  He was waaaaaaay ahead of his buddies, so to kill time he would peddle up the various hills, only to coast down to the bottom and peddle back up again.  He did this a few times, which is part of how was saw him so many times.

During the course of our day, I eventually introduced myself and would later e-mail him a bunch of pictures from his adventures.

Aside from the dreary weather, it seems like a fantastic way to see another country.  When I ride my bike around Chicago, it definitely affords more opportunities to “take it slow,” and enjoy the scenery.

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Irish Look-Out

Half of the fun in driving around Ireland is being able to stop at all of the delightful road-side settings and take pictures.  The other half of the fun in driving around Ireland is the complete joy of driving on narrow, winding roads on the opposite side of the road.

When renting a car in Ireland, may I suggest upgrading to the complete insurance protection?

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