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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

After last week’s Christmas Skyline image, I wasn’t planning on doing another post until after the New Year. Christmas got the better of me, so I’m posting this simple picture. Wherever you are and whatever you believe, have a wonderful day. And year. Give the people you love a hug and let them know they matter.

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Old Capitol Building

I spend a lot of time throughout the winter months covering the various college sports at the University of Iowa. Normally when I’m there it’s dark by 4PM and the temperature is cold. Very cold (it is Iowa, after all).

Earlier this year, however, I covered the Big Ten Conference gymnastics championships and got to see an entirely different side of the state — the warm and sunny side. It was like something I had never seen before.

Instead of being cold and grey, the temperature was pleasant and the kids were running around in shorts and T-shirts. The grass was green and the sky was blue. It was damn near magical.

In all fairness, the entire midwest (and all points North on the globe) are cold and colorless this time of year. That being said, it is nice to see an area I so often see as bleak be so bright and colorful once in awhile. It reminder that spring, summer and fall are worth the anguish of winter.

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This is Drew Moling. At the time this picture was taken, he was a freshman at Ohio State University preparing for the 2012 Big Ten Gymnastics Championships in Iowa City, Iowa.

What impresses me is the hours of dedication athletes like young Mr. Moling put in to achieve success with their craft. In Drew’s case, it was quietly practicing with his coaches the morning of the tournament. With no one else around, he’d take off running at the spring board and vault high into the air. He and his coaches would see what could be adjusted and then he’d give it another go. For quite some time he’d run and jump, then gather ’round to look at an iPhone movie of his recent efforts.

With the Olympic games currently going on in London, I can’t begin to imagine the amount of hours, sacrifice, energy and effort put forth in the early and late hours of the day — long before anyone else arrives or long after they’ve left — from the different athletes in hopes of one day making it to the Olympics.

With Drew Moling, I don’t know if he was shooting for the Olympics, a scholarship, or first place on that particular day, but whatever the case, quietly with his coaches, he came in extremely early to fine tune his craft with no one else around.

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Early Morning Old Capitol

Spending some time in Iowa City, Iowa, I realized on this particular morning the moon would rise directly behind the Old Capitol Building. I woke up extra-early to make sure I was in the right location for the moon to line up with building’s tower. When I looked out the window of my hotel room, the moon was still extremely high in the sky and I figured my timing was off and went back to bed.

Not so much.

Apparently I forgot about all of those things we learned in geometry about angles and such, and from my height in hotel room, the moon was still extremely high in the sky. In reality, the moon was just peaking over the horizon and I barely missed my desired shot.

I didn’t really like any of the moon pictures I took that day, but luckily the Old Capitol Building in Iowa City is still an extremely beautiful building.

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Iowa’s Old Capitol Building

I spent last weekend in Iowa City for the Big Ten Men’s Gymnastics Championships.  Normally I make the drive to Iowa in the dead of winter and am either trudging through a snowstorm or trying to re-gain feeling in my feet from the frigid temperatures. Sometimes both at the same time.

This trip to Iowa, however, was beautiful.  The trees were coming alive with springtime and the sun was warm and bright. I was genuinely excited to go out and capture some images because so often I was in town with foul weather or the dark of night.

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