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Changing Trees

Autumn is here and it is in full swing!

Earlier this week my wife and I drove up to rural Wisconsin to visit some family. It is a beautiful area and I’ve done it enough times that I have a route I take past a few abandoned houses, picturesque fields, produce markets and turn-of-the-century water mills. Even if I’m going up for the most trivial thing, I’ll bring my camera along.

So in driving home, I checked on Hyde’s Mill to see how it looks with the fall foliage, but en route we passed by a field exploding with color.

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The Old Hyde Mill

It had been a few years since I stopped by Hyde’s Mill in rural Wisconsin. It isn’t the most convenient place to get to, located an hour outside of Madison about ten minutes off of a main road. Then, when you get there, the old mill is a difficult place to photograph because it is shrouded by trees and doesn’t face East or West. (It will never get that “perfect” morning or evening light.)

It is, however, a wonderfully tranquil location with deer roaming the nearby fields and the sound of water falling over the dam.

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Hyde’s Mill

Hyde’s Mill is in the unincorporated township of, wait for it, Hyde, Wisconsin.  It’s about an hour west of Madison, Wisconsin and ten minutes off of a main road.  It’s very peaceful there.  I’ve stopped several times at all sorts of hours and occasionally someone will drive up, get out to take a picture, and be back on their way.  For the most part, however, it’s such a rural area that no one really stops by.

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