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Autumn at Anna Ruby Falls

Autumn at Anna Ruby Falls

Hello Autumn. Nice to see you again.

Asking a photographer if they enjoy autumn is like asking a small child if they want another piece of chocolate cake.


Since adopting a dog from a rescue shelter, I’ve learned a lot about the local forest preserves around my house. A few years back I would have planned some massive (and money-consuming) road trip to some remote location to shoot colorful trees of fall, but my puppy has taught me a lot about what is local.

Once a week my wife or I take her to woods near our house. We go on a three mile trail along a river and passing under a railroad tracks. The last couple of trips I’ve brought my camera, which has made it as fun for me as it is for puppy. Those same forest preserves are exploding with color. As a bonus, since they’re located in a heavily populated area, the deer are docile and I’m able to get within twenty feet of them. Growing up in Wisconsin that’s almost unheard of.

So while looking for a picture for today, I stumbled upon this image from Georgia of Anna Ruby Falls. Several years back my wife and I attended a friend’s wedding and went down a couple days early to explore the region. We rented a cabin and I, of course, brought my camera. We missed the autumn colors by a couple of days, but it was more fun to get out and go for a couple of hikes than anything else.

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Anna Ruby Falls

Falling under the category of “Eh.” pictures, this is Anna Ruby Falls, near Helen, Georgia.

Alisha and I were visiting the area for a friend’s wedding and I, of course, brought my gear along.  Anna Ruby Falls is a really pretty area about two hours Northeast of Atlanta.  The actual falls are quite dramatic, and this is just a small stream coming from the area.  (I’ll post a picture of the actual Anna Ruby Falls later.)

Being from the flat lands of Chicago, it’s rare to see an elevation change such as the one in the image above, so I had to capture it.  The reason I think this is an “Eh.” picture is because I think it’s pretty, but it needs more.  Perhaps bright reds and oranges from the trees changing would be a nice touch.  Too bad for me it was a very mild Fall in the Southeast back in 2007, so the leaves held their green color for quite some time.

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