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California Navel Oranges

My step-father opened a grocery store just outside of Madison, Wisconsin in the town of DeForest.  I’ve used the store as an opportunity to try different types of photography.  I have those grungy photos from when we were in the store jack-hammering, welding, sweeping, building and cleaning.  I have some images from the store getting stocked, with boxes upon boxes getting loaded onto shelves.  Then there are these pictures, when the store is open for business.

It’s nice to wander around in the store with the camera, because most places won’t let anybody with a “real” camera anywhere near their place of business.  In this case, though, I “know a guy,” so I get free reign.

As the sign (and subject of this post) states, these are California Naval Oranges, part of the end-cap display in the produce department.

February 2010. (1703)

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