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Looking on at the Lennon Wall

Looking on at the Lennon WallNot far from the Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic, stands the Lennon Wall. The Lennon Wall is officially owned by the Knights of Malta, but in December of 1980, after John Lennon’s death, graffiti popped up on the wall with poems and other inspiration.

After seeing the graffiti continue to grow, Prague officials repainted the wall. By the next morning, it was like they never painted it, as graffiti once again covered the wall from top to bottom.

After a couple of decades, the wall is a pilgrimage for many who come to Prague. It is a tourist destination in its own right, and since trees line the street in front of the wall, standing in the shade and slowly reading the wall is a perfect activity to do on a hot Summer day.

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Stack of Skulls

Not far outside of Prague, in the Czech Republic is the Sedlec “Bone Church.”

The church contains bones of an estimated 40,000 to 70,000 people, most of whom died during the Black Plague in the mid-14th century. Legend has it, a local half-blind man just stacked bones wherever he could, and later a woodcarver was hired to put the bones into some semblence of order. (It’s clear the woodcarver he had some “fun” with his task.)

The result were various bones arranged in different designs, from a stack of skulls along the steps downstairs to an enormous chandelier containing at least one of every bone in the human body.

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Clouds and Rooftops of Prague

Several months back a friend and I had discussed Twitter and he strongly encouraged me to join.  “It would be a good way to promote [my] photography,” he said.  I’m still not sure how, but I’ve indeed joined Twitter.

Feel free to follow me @kjkettnerphoto and we’ll try to have some fun.   My intention is to post a note when I update this blog, or perhaps find some fantastic images online somewhere else. I do loathe junk mail and such, so rest assured there will not be 600 messages from me a day.

I’m not a fan of the PR blasts that seem to be the case with a variety of Twitter-folk.  That being said, I’m a news junkie and I’ve already “unfollowed” one news correspondent I like because he’s way too work-oriented and likes to push said PR blasts.

Another correspondent I enjoy has three messages about his beloved Red Sox, and I’m okay with that.  As Guillaume Apollinaire said,”Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.”  It’s good to stop once in awhile and cheer on your favorite baseball team.  For Pete’s sake, it’s midnight, there is no need to still be “tweeting” about the vice-president and his comments in rural Iowa.

One final note: This will be the first and last time I use the word “tweet” in this space.  I hate the word and dislike the amount America likes to use it.  Journalists should consult a thesaurus to learn new words to say the same thing, instead of blurting out “tweet” all of the time.

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Words to Live By

In Prague, Czech Republic is “The Lennon Wall.”  On the wall is a collection of graffiti constantly growing with every passing tourist adding to it.  This message pretty much says it all: Life is short, live it now.

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Prague, Czech Republic

I’m not sure why, being Cinco de Mayo and all, I was thinking about Prague this morning.

One of our favorite things to do in another country is just wander.  One can learn and see so much more of a city, from its small intimate details, to an expansive wide-shot over the Vltava River, looking at the Charles Bridge.  Prague didn’t disappoint in that department.

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