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Night Game at Wrigley Field

A new baseball season brings so much anticipation and excitement. Up until this point, the slate is clean and hope springs anew.

Oftentimes, because of my job and living in the city of Chicago, I’m asked who do I like better: the Cubs or the Sox? Truth be told, I like both teams a lot.

While I think the American League is more difficult because of the designated hitter, I like that pitchers have to bat in the National League, making it more of a “team” thing (besides, if you get a pitcher who can hit, it becomes another threat to the opponent).

In the end, I just look for quick games.  The Cubs and Sox have the ability to draw out some excruciatingly long games, and Major League Baseball never bothers enforcing the “12 seconds between pitches” rule.

As for the above image, obviously, I took this picture of Wrigley Field at night.  I remember it being one of those blazing hot summer nights and I rode my bike to the ballpark. Carrying my photo gear while peddling through Chicago’s streets was a pain in the butt, and I was a sweaty hot mess by the time my image-making was completed. However, some friends called as I was wrapping up and it was nice to enjoy some frosty, cold beverages with them.

The hotter summer nights get, the better tasting a bucket of beer can be.

(1668) 0709.

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Chicago Harbor Lighthouse and Boats

The Chicago Harbor Lighthouse has to be one of the more photographed locations in the City of Chicago.

It’s located just off of the Eastern end of Navy Pier, which is Chicago’s most popular tourist destination.

In 2005 the Coast Guard offered to give the lighthouse to any group or organization who would be willing to take on the lighthouse and keep it up and running.  Because of it’s location on the narrow Lake Michigan breakwater, no suitable offers were made and, after a lengthy transfer process, the Coast Guard offloaded the lighthouse to the City of Chicago.

May 2009. (3551)

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Clean Sensors and Bright Sky

This is a very exciting photograph for me.

For quite some time now, I’ve been operating my camera with debris on my camera’s sensor.  Basically, every time I take a picture, there is a tiny black blob on the image. (In this picture, the blob would be in the sky, slightly above the red water tower.) It’s relatively faint and easy to hide, but it’s also a pain in the ass.  Most of the time I can easily remove it, but I knew the day would eventually come that I couldn’t make it disappear.

However, last week I dropped my camera off for a deep cleaning.

Among other things, my camera has been through a sandstorm in Namibia and  India’s Holi Fest.  It has earned a deep cleaning.

So this picture was really a test picture.  The camera and lens were cleaned, and I just wanted to make sure everything is running at one hundred percent, which is good because Spring and Summer are fast approaching, and I have great plans about getting out and capturing some images.

March 2012. (2922)

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Pastel-Colored Chicago Sunrise

This was a pleasant and calm morning, before the weekend turned chaotic (more on that in another post).

For this image I had just started experimenting with time-lapse, and this was a test shot before I set the camera up and let it fire away.

I have a bunch of Chicago skyline pictures with a bright, blue sky, and I these pictures because they’re something different.  A soft, pink sky is a nice change once-in-awhile.

October 2011. (0884)

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Chicago Skyline and Oak Street Beach

As mentioned previously, I don’t have a lot of patience in life.  Photography has helped me learn it, and this image is another fine example.

One the tall, light-colored building to the right, there was a white-hot glare of the sun on one of the windows.  I had to sit and wait for a while to get the glare to dissipate, then I was able to get the picture I wanted.

June 2009. (4511)

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Armenian Grape Hyacinth


As the title suggests, this is the Armenian Grape Hyacinth.

This is another picture taken this spring at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.  While we’ve had a fairly mild winter (so far) this year, I’m already looking forward to the colors and temperatures of springtime in Chicago.

May 2011. (9828)



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Navy Pier Boat Traffic

Sometimes I enjoy heading down to Chicago’s Millennium Park, Michigan Avenue or Navy Pier — the tourist hotspots — and watch the world go by.  With this picture, I was doing just that.

I can’t remember if I rode my bike down to Navy Pier or drove, but either way I just watched the tour boats come and go.  It was nice and relaxing for a warm, May afternoon.

May 2009. (3444)

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Chicago Skyline in Black and White

This past weekend my wife and I went to a local jazz club. We ended up sitting at a table with random strangers, and during the break we all started talking. Turns out, one of the guys at the table with us was a die-hard Chicago Blackhawks fan, and he and his family have had season tickets for twenty years. (That’s pretty impressive, considering there have been some extremely dark years during that span.)

The part that bother me — and it really, really bothered me, I might ad — is the guy described the greatest Christmas present his longtime girlfriend gave him this year: It was a picture of the Chicago skyline taken the night in 2010 the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. He went on to describe how the buildings were lit up like usual, but when you look closer, a lot of them turned off their lights in just the right way to spell “Go Hawks” or show the team’s logo.  It’s something nice the city of Chicago does for big events. The moment Patrick Kane buried the puck in Philadelphia’s net and won the Stanley Cup, I was driving down Solidarity Drive to set up my camera and take pictures of the skyline. Now, the part that bothers me, is I can’t find the pictures from that night anywhere.

Obviously the pictures can be only three places: still in my camera, on a loose memory card, or on my hard drive. I can’t find them anywhere. I realized it sometime after I took the pictures, because I think I saw a similar image to the one the guy described, and when I went to search for my picture, I had no luck.

If I were to guess, I’d say I had it on a memory card, changed cameras and put that memory card into the new camera. Since the new camera doesn’t show another camera’s images on the memory card, I probably formatted over them without ever knowing they were there. Damn.

On the bright side of everything, I did learn to dump my pictures to my hard drive immediately after taking them. Don’t wait a week or two later when I sit down to finally go through pictures.

Lesson learned.

0511. (8963)

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Ivy, Fence, Flags and Stanchions

In September of 2006 I brought my camera to Wrigley Field.  It was one of those iconic days of summer, where the temperature was already 90 degrees Fahrenheit  (32.2 Celsius) by nine o’clock in the morning.

I loathe days like that.

At any rate, I felt this picture was slightly appropriate because I’m currently working out my summer baseball schedule.  In years past I’ve worked a bunch of baseball games — the highest number of games being 101 games, the lowest being 75 games.

While baseball is my least-favorite of the major sports (see yesterday’s post concerning my favorite sport), I really like working baseball games in Chicago because the Cubs have a bunch of day games, so I have summer evenings off, and I can ride my bike to and from work.

0906. (0964)

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He Shoots, He Scores!

In early 2009 I brought my camera to the United Center for a Blackhawks’ game.  It was shortly after receiving my fish-eye lens, so I brought it along for the night. I really, really like some of the pictures taken that evening.

This one was taken moments after Duncan Keith scored from the blue line.

0109. (1541)

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Tribune Tower Windows

Tribune Tower Windows

While I was shopping around for the right look of my website, I stumbled upon the following text everywhere:

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Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. In posuere felis nec tortor. Pellentesque faucibus. Ut accumsan ultricies elit. Maecenas at justo id velit placerat molestie. Donec dictum lectus non odio. Cras a ante vitae enim iaculis aliquam. Mauris nunc quam, venenatis nec, euismod sit amet, egestas placerat, est. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Cras id elit. Integer quis urna. Ut ante enim, dapibus malesuada, fringilla eu, condimentum quis, tellus. Aenean porttitor eros vel dolor. Donec convallis pede venenatis nibh. Duis quam. Nam eget lacus. Aliquam erat volutpat. Quisque dignissim congue leo.

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Sunrise Over Lake Michigan

When I was looking through pictures for a blog post today, I found this one. I like the way a lot of these pictures turned out on this morning, even though it was a hearty layer of clouds and I wasn’t expecting much.

When I was recalling this particular morning, I remembered it wasn’t that cold. Sure, I was dressed up with a sweatshirt, ski pants, winter coat, and all of the usual gear, but by the time we hit mid-March, the worst of winter is usually through.

So here’s hoping this year’s winter won’t be grueling. We have two months from now to find our way to nicer weather.  Two years ago, we had a February that was brutal, in which we reached a high of nine below zero. Last year we received nearly two feet of snow in one particular storm. As much as I’d like to hope we chug right through the worst of it, I’m afraid of what may lay ahead.

0309. (2758)

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Pink Impression Tulip

These tulips are part of the Darwin Hybrid Tulip Family.  They are usually grow pretty tall, and they’re also the brightest colored flower in the tulip family.  It makes then popular with flower shops and such, because they’re colorful and easy to place in a vase.  The wind likes to knock them down, too.

0511. (9588)

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Curious Squirrel

The squirrels around our place are quite bold and when we’re picnicking in the backyard, they will come up pretty close to see what food they can get. We haven’t had enough courage to do try feeding them directly out of our hands because, at the end of the day, the squirrels are still wild animals. (Apparently, the woman who lived here before us would, twice a day, take a bucket of birdseed and throw it into the backyard.)

We also have a couple of structures around our place that the squirrels enjoy. One is the wide fence running along the one edge of our property, and other is the “plant station” the previous tenant had built.

This past summer I rigged my camera to an area the squirrels frequently traffic and used the remote trigger to fire it off.

With this picture, the squirrel jumped up onto the platform, and was mighty curious what the contraption at the other end was.  At the “snap” of the shutter, he jumped back, froze and after a moment, scampered off.

5011. (9319)

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Chicago Harbor Lighthouse Sunrise

Captured on a random morning in August, this is the Chicago Harbor Lighthouse at sunrise.

This was another image that was lost in the shuffle of pictures, only to be rediscovered when trolling for something else.

0811. (5035)

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Montrose Harbor Sailboats

I’ve been fairly cautious this past year about posting images online before I’ve had the chance to copyright them.

Normally I wait until the last week of December to send off my packet to the US Copyright Office.  My theory in doing it this particular week is that, at the end of the year, it’s a fine point to “start over” with images.  I feel like if I do a batch of pictures whenever, I’ll forget where I left off and start double-copyrighting images.  (Besides, it’s $65 each time I send stuff in, which isn’t the cheapest thing.) The end of the year seems like a nice point to start anew.

So, that being said, you’ll start to see a flood of images from this past year on my photography blog.

This coming year, I’ve vowed to copyright images more often.  Apparently I took nearly 14,000 images this past year, and it took a loooooooong time to dump the pictures to a DVD to send in to the register of copyrights.  If I do that twice a year, it allows me to post more current images to my blog, and keep my workload down at the end of the year, when time seems to be fleeting, anyway.

August 2011. (5137)

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One Bird’s Breakfast is Another Bird’s Demise

Last year around this time, I was eating breakfast in the kitchen when something caught my attention in the backyard. It turned out to be a hawk devouring a pigeon.

I ended up posting a picture of  it to my rarely-read and rather boring blog, and realized I liked having pictures instead of infrequent mumbling about whatever was on my mind.

And from all of this, my photography blog was born.

It’s been a year, and for the most part, it’s been awesome.  I like having an outlet for pictures that I’ve taken, but don’t serve any real directory on the galleries page.  Think of my photoblog as a “photographer’s junk drawer,” but with so much more.  I’ve found pictures that I’ve completely passed over when building galleries, and realized there was something more there, and posted them in their rightful place.

Doing an almost-daily photography blog post has sometimes been a challenge.  Some days I’m just note feeling it and can only find a sub-par image to post online.  Other days, I’ve viewed the same picture that I’ve seen before in a different light.  Also, the photography blog has definitely taken my image-making to the next level. I’ve gone out more to capture those moments in time, be it sunrise or life in a factory.  I also went along as a small business closed its doors for good.

All of it will eventually make it’s way online, and I’m really proud of that.  My website traffic has exploded from this time last year, I’m sitting down and writing more, and most enjoyably, I’m getting out and thinking about photography more.  All of those things I’m really, really happy with. In the coming months I’ll continue with six photography blog posts a week, I’ll be more active on Twitter, and I’ll even give HDR a try.

Thanks for joining me.

January 2010. (7657)

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Black and White Bicyclist

Black and White Bicyclist

I like simple pictures like this.

I was standing around waiting for a boat to motor underneath Lakeshore Drive, and passed the time by watching the runners and bicyclist race by.

0911. (9523)

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John Hancock Center and the Old Water Tower

The John Hancock building towers over the Old Chicago Water Tower.

For some reason, I really like the simplicity of this picture.  I think I like it because it’s old (the water tower was built in 1869) and new (the Hancock building was completed in 1968). Both towers are cut off, so you can’t see everything, but you know one towers above the other.

August 2009. (2045)

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Lincoln Park Lights

The Lincoln Park Zoo, in Chicago, always does quite the Christmas holiday light display.  Back in 2005 I went for a and shot some images.

I only took a few pictures that night, but I’ve been meaning to go back every year since.  The display runs until New Years Day, so I’ve blocked an evening next week to go and shoot some more pictures.

December 2005. (0389)

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