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Cheetah Spots

This is Joseph, he’s a ten year-old cheetah in South Africa.

Cheetahs are the world’s fastest animal reaching 0-50mph in just three seconds (by comparison, it took Ferrari up until 1999 to get that fast that quick — cheetah’s have been doing it for 3-5 million years).  At full speed, a cheetah’s stride is about 23 feet, which helps them attain their top speed of 75 mph. Adult cheetahs have over 2,000 spots, and the fur texture varies with the color.

And they purr like kittens when you pet them.

In Cape Town we had the opportunity to pet a cheetah.  South African cheetahs decimate farmers’ livestock, so farmers are trapping and killing the endangered animals.  Cheetah Outreach is an organization which raises Anatolian Shepherd dogs side-by-side cheetahs, so the dogs are then placed with livestock and look after them — all the while keeping the cheetahs away.

Slowly the cheetah population is coming back, and the farmers’ livestock are now endangered by other things — like the farmers.

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