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Cable Car Outbound

Having my camera and nothing much to do in San Francisco, California was a pretty good way to spend a few days. I wandered all around the city taking pictures, eating at In-N-Out Burger, and watching the fog come and go.

Cruising from one location to the other, I passed through an intersection with a famous cable car rolling off into the distance, and thought it’d make a nice picture. Circling around for parking was no easy task, but I evetually found a meter and hung out for a half-an-hour shooting images of one of the world’s more famous public transportation systems in action.

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Lombard Black and White

Lombard Street, in San Francisco, California, is famous for having a steep, one-block section that consists of eight tight hairpin turns. The stretch of roadway is credited for being the “crookedest street in the world,” and it’s a hit with the tourists.

While exploring San Francisco in the fall of 2011, I tried to find a way to photograph Lombard Street to get the overall picture. It was difficult because standing at the base of the road, it’s too close for a good picture. Backing up  a block and, because the hill is so steep, I was barely able to see the roadway. Additionally, what I could see was obstructed by power lines. Looking around for more options, I spotted a hill waaaaaaaaay off in the distance.

The hill I saw ended up being Coit Tower/Telegraph Hill and it got me high enough to get a good view of Lombard Street. The downside, however, is I was now several miles away. Shooting through a slight haze and some harsh shadows, I was able to get a picture I was happy with.

San Francisco is a beautiful, beautiful city. If it wasn’t so damn expensive I’d love to move there. I feel like everywhere one points a camera they’d get a quality image.

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Cable Cars in San Francisco

While spending time in San Francisco, I was transfixed with the cable cars.

The city is full of hills and the cable cars steadily chug up and down them, bringing tourists on an delightful journey.

Strangely, for as enamored with the cable cars as I was, I never rode one.  I had a rental car and used that instead, racing to various spots around the city looking for scenic vantage points.

With this particular picture, I drove by the street and noticed the scene just as it was about out of view.  I circled the block the next chance I had (no easy task with one way streets) and circled for a bit to look for parking.

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Cautious Seagull

In Monterey, California, a seagull keeps a watchful eye on the photographer creeping in for a closer look.

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Pigeon Point Lighthouse

In October of 2004 I was to go to San Francisco for work.  I decided to go in a couple of days early and drive down the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) to take pictures of lighthouses, or whatever else I could find.

The PCH is a really pretty drive, and I think anyone who has been on it will highly recommend it.  On this day I set out before the sun rose and arrived at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse just as the sun cleared the horizon.  I’d love to go back and try it again, but this time doing more with slowing down the shutter speed or even getting set up a half-an-hour before sunrise to get the crazy colors that can appear.

The problem with trying it again, is Pigeon Point Lighthouse is near San Francisco — an area famous for it’s fog — so its easier said then done.

Earlier this year I was in California and when I drove to Pigeon Point, I could barely see the lighthouse when I parked in the facilities’ parking lot.  (I guess that’s a good reason to put a lighthouse and fog horn there then.)

Next year I’ll be in California again, so I’ll probably give it yet another try.

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Fog Engulfs San Francisco

While Alisha was out in San Francisco for her conference a few months back, I tagged along and spent the days taking pictures in and around the California city.

Being there for four days, I never got a chance to see this view without fog.  Even on the days when the city was clear, the Golden Gate Bridge would be fogged in. I’m not surprised by that, since it’s what San Francisco is known for.

I did enjoy the calmness of all the fog.  Even with the foghorn blasting every few seconds, it was sort of a comforting noise, which didn’t really pierce the silence, but instead (strangely) added to it.

September 2011. (9888)

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San Francisco

I spent this past weekend in San Francisco.  I brought along nearly every piece of photo gear I had and used most of it.

San Francisco is a fantastic place to wander around and take pictures.  The fog made timing a bit interesting, but eventually it would burn off and reveal a beautiful city and its surrounding landscape.  When the fog was heavy, I piled in the rental car and drove away from the water to see other fun stuff, like lighthouses and In-N-Out Burger. When the fog dissipated, I hiked all over the city taking pictures of whatever I could find.

September 2011. (0103)

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Lord Stanley’s Cup

In honor of the Stanley Cup playoffs starting today, here’s a picture of the coolest trophy in sports.

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