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Town Hall of Brussels Belgium

I’m one of those people that hears so much about something, and how awesome that something is, then when I finally get to it, my reaction is “Eh” at best.  This holds true for everything from movies to travel destinations. So, when Alisha and I rolled into Belgium, we fell in love.

Belgium falls very much “under the radar” for European counties.  Think about it: The main locations that come to mind are London, Paris, Italy, Ireland and Amsterdam.  Places like tiny Luxembourg to the Euro’s capital of Belgium are quickly dropped from itinerary — if ever brought up — by most travelers to Europe.

While in the Netherlands, Alisha and I bought train tickets and headed to Brussels and Brugges.  We had a fantastic time, as the people were super-nice and the food was great and the chocolates were out-of-this-world.

I’m oftentimes asked about places to go all over the world.  I usually ask “What for?” because a honeymoon and a vacation are two different things.  Either way, Belgium is towards the top of any list.

March 2006. (0289)

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Town Hall Square

For the record, the best bar I’ve ever stumbled upon is in Brussels, Belgium. I’m not even sure where the Delirium Cafe is located, but perhaps that’s part of why I love it so much.  They have the most beers available for consumption in the world (over 2,000), with a certificate from the Guinness Book of World Records behind the bar to prove it.

Some maps have the street it is located on and some don’t (Impasse de la Fidelite, 4A — easily missed on a side street of Restaurant Row).

(0294) 0306.

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