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Rockland Harbor Sunset

This image was taken towards the end of a very long day.

While attending the Maine Media Workshop in 2009, my brother and I awoke early to go capture the sun rising over the Rockport harbor.  It was a beautiful sunrise, and inspired us to keep going through the day.

As we zipped around the area taking more and more pictures throughout the day, we finished our classwork as the sun started to get low in the sky.  Since we watched the sun rise, why not watch it set?

This time, however, we raced to the Rockland harbor and watched the sun set from there.  After the sun dipped below the horizon, the bright orange colors still shined brightly in the sky.

October 2009. (0471)

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Terracotta Army in Black and White

I didn’t get to a whole lot of postings last week because I was trying to get a jump on the 3,000 images from India, Bhutan, Nepal and the United Arab Emirates.

By Friday I had made it through Nepal and most of the Bhutan pictures, but this Friday I hope to make it through the pictures from the UAE and India.  The latter’s images will be a beast, because India was nearly overwhelming with things to take pictures of … not to mentioned the least of which was Holi Fest.

So, in an attempt to give myself a quick break from the recent trip, here is something slightly different for myself from China.

While in Xi’an, Alisha and I gave ourselves plenty of time to explore the Terracotta Army.  It’s amazing how much detail is in each of the different figures. It is said no two soldiers are the same, most likely because one man carved the appearance of another man, and the other man returned the favor.  Basically, “I’ll carve you if you carve me.”  So the various workers each made a point to include themselves in the army.

October 2011. (4132)

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Buddhist Prayer Flags

I have always loved Buddhist prayer flags, so while we were in Bhutan I was excited to see them.


In the small Himalayan country I took 861 pictures.  I think all but a few have prayer flags in the image somewhere.

February 2012. (0311)

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Nepal Power Struggles

Kathmandu may be the world’s only capital city with a power issue. I am not speaking of politics, I mean actual electrical power. They call it “load shedding” and several hours a day the electricity is cut in different neighborhoods to give everyone in the city an equal share of the misery. It’s so frequent, the schedule is posted.

Our first night in Nepal, for example, we went to a pub and ordered food and beers before six o’clock, because that would be it until 10:30pm for electricity. Sure enough, nearly six on the nose the music died, the lights went dark, and all we heard was the gentle sound of rain falling on the canvas roof. The soft glow of candles on each table gave it a cozy, warm, comforting feeling.

Since it’s a regularily scheduled occurance (the following day was 5am to 10am, and again 6pm to 8:30pm) most places are well-prepared. Slowly the generators were started up, the music came back on and life went on as usual. For the few minutes the power was out, it was a nice reminder of how we (in the United States) can take the simple things in life for granted. At home, we have hot running water 24-hours a day, and enough electricity to power anything we could imagine. Here, they’re fine with electricity only half of the day, and adjust accordingly the rest of the time.

And God love ’em for keeping the beer cold.

March 2012. (2333)

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Blazing Sun and London’s Eye

I like this simple picture showing the sun and the London Eye Ferris Wheel.  Both are big and impressive, to me.

The weather was freezing cold on this trip, so I don’t have many outdoor pictures from London.  I am, however, going back to London this summer, so I’m looking forward to getting more images and roaming around with my camera a bit more.

February 2006. (0018)

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Blue House, Red Vines and Pink Flowers


While wandering around Kinsale, Ireland, it was enjoyable to look at all of the houses and their bright, bright paint-jobs.  There were a variety of blues, reds, yellows and such.

This particular house had rich blue walls, with windows’ trim painted bright yellow.  What really caught my eye was the colors bursting out of the rain gutter.  I’m not sure what type of weed or flower it is, but I like the pink and red against the blue and green background.

June 2011. (1019)

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Old and New Panama City

Wandering around Panama City, Panama for the day, we made our way into the Old City.  It was pretty and full of history, but also full of seedy-looking abandoned buildings.  At one point, we were stopped by the police and told to leave the area before the sun sets.

Helpful, but not exactly reassuring.

August 2007. (0038)

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Father and Son Boat Watching

It’s been so long since I took this image, I’m pretty sure it’s a man and his son just hanging out, watching boats pass through one of Amsterdam’s many canals.

Alisha and I were in Holland during the winter months, celebrating  a friend’s birthday.  I’d love to get back during the warm, summer months and enjoy the cities and countryside and everything they have to offer.

March 2006. (0322)

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Maine’s Pemaquid Point Lighthouse


I have a couple of crazy/fun/artsy images from Maine’s Pemaquid Point Lighthouse on this website  (one of my favorite images is in my Portfolio Gallery), but no simple picture that just show the lighthouse.

So, here it is.

October 2009. (0137)

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Pyramid with Sphinx Profile

The Great Sphinx of Giza has become one of the national emblems of Egypt, frequently appearing on its stamps, coins, and official documents (sans its nose, of course).

February 2006. (0189)

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Bermuda Passport Stamp

Bermuda has a special place in my heart, because it was the first time I was able to travel internationally for work (meaning someone else picked up the tab), it was the first stamp I received in my passport, and some time later, it was where I proposed to my wife.

For this image, I busted out our passports and shot some pictures of them for a National Geographic project about passport stamps.

1111. (1491)

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Evening in Sossusvlei, Namibia

This was taken the first night we were in Namibia.  We had a helluva drive to reach this point (six hours on a gravel road), so to run around and play in the various sand dunes of the Sossusvlei region was quite the treat.

July 2011. (0316)

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Colorful Stained-Glass Reflections

Before heading to the Galapagos Islands, we decided to explore Quito, Ecuador for a bit (we also went to the famed market in Otavalo).  While we were exploring, we ended up spending a lot of time in the one of Quito’s churches.

I remember climbing a lot of stairs in this particular church.

The first thing was climbing a few flights of stairs to reach the back of the church. Later, we would continue climbing to the very top of the steeple, where my mom decided to ring the bell with everything she had. It may have been the most surprised I’ve ever been, for two reasons: The first, was the deafening blast of the bell ringing, and second was because my normally quiet mother decided to wake most of Quito with the clanging of the church bells.

At any rate, as we climbed to the top of the church, I really, really enjoyed the sun shining through the various colors of the stained-glass windows, thus reflecting them on the church’s floor.

March 2007. (0098)

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Las Vegas Night Lights

In 2011 we celebrated my friends’ 30th birthday in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately for me, my flight home was canceled because there was a maintenance issue with the plane.  The next available flight out was the following morning, so I checked into an airline-provided hotel and immediately left to wander around and take pictures of Vegas at night.

The lights of Vegas will never cease to amaze me.  (Even the McDonald’s has a fancy flashing neon light in an attempt to attract attention.)

Later this year I’ll have another chance to shoot more images of Las Vegas.  On the 2011 trip to Vegas, I took an airline “bump” and received a $400 voucher for an upcoming flight.  That voucher was just cashed in for a trip to, of all places, Las Vegas, for my previously mentioned friend’s bachelor party.

June 2011. (0924)

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Vancouver Skyline and Seaplane

While up in Vancouver for a few days, some friends and I wandered around the harbor.  British Columbia is stunningly beautiful, and it always helps seeing things one doesn’t normally see.  In this particular case, watching all of the seaplanes come and go certainly lended itself to some of the charm.

February 2011. (8044)

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Where Did I Put My Boat?

While walking around Siracusa, Sicily, my wife and I passed by an area with a number of locals swimming in the Mediterranean Sea; some were adults, some were children, and others were adults acting like children. As we were watching the people all splash around in the water, we noticed a small boat bumping up against the rocks behind us.

The boat wasn’t tied off to anything, nor was it occupied by anyone. Stranger still, no one seemed to care about the boat.

The water was shallow enough that we walked over and checked it out, and it looked to be sealed up.  We’re not sure if one of the people swimming just dumped it there while they frolicked in the water, or if it broke loose in the harbor and ended up where we saw it.

Whatever the case, the next day we returned with our suits to go swimming and the boat was gone.

(0331) 0905.

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Great Wall of China

We arrived at the Great Wall of China pretty much as soon as it was available to tourists.  It was nice because Alisha and I were the only two people around for quite some time.  Sure, there were others, but everyone kind of spread out and did their own thing, leaving a vast distance in between us and the next people.

In addition to being quiet the first part of the morning, the sky was clear and there was decent visibility.  We could see the Great Wall snake off into the distance.  Much like the crowds and tour busses slowly growing throughout the morning, so did the weather.  Eventually, as we were preparing to leave, both the crowds were deplorable and the weather had turned foul; visibility was far more limited than earlier.

By the time we took the trail down to meet our driver, it had started to rain.  After warming up with some tea, we headed to the car and it turned to a solid downpour.

It was nice that we could get some quiet time on the Great Wall of China, before the crowds swarmed, and it was an added bonus to get the weather to cooperate as well.

October 2010. (4718)

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Cathedral of Segovia, Spain

This is Spain’s Segovia Cathedral.  (I also have a night-time picture of this same cathedral posted in the European Photography Gallery).

The fun part about the town of Segovia, aside from it’s centuries old — and still functioning aqueduct — is it was here Christopher Columbus convinced the King of Spain to fund his trip West to find an easier trade route.  Instead of finding India, Columbus and his ships stumbled upon the New World.

July 2009. (0160)

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Pyramid-View Futbol

Last weekend I posted a photoblog entry about how I’d be willing to take up playing basketball regularly (you can read it by clicking here). Much like that location, I’d play soccer everyday if I had a field with this view.

February 2006. (0230)

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Public Chess Board in Salzburg

It’s always entertaining to me when traveling to other countries and we stumble upon people playing games in the middle of a public way.  I’ve previously written about being in Turkey and watching men play backgammon in the middle of a walkway, and prior to that, Alisha and I watched two men play chess with each other in Vienna, Austria.

In the above picture, the gentleman to the left (in the blue shirt) is playing the gentleman to the right (in the orange-colored shirt, with his left hand up to his chin).  It was strangely quiet in the plaza, as everyone watched the two men go at it. Since I don’t play chess I took a few pictures, but everyone else around seemed to be playing out their own game in their heads, and what moves they would and would not make.

August 2008. (0435)

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