Chicago’s Skydeck

Trump Tower and the John Hancock Center tower over the city of Chicago, as viewed from the Willis Tower Skydeck. (3698)

Last night I was given the spectacular opportunity to head up to the Sears Willis Tower’s Skydeck to enjoy the view of Chicago from 103 floors up — and I was strongly encouraged to bring my camera.

The City of Chicago’s Tourism department, Choose Chicago, invites a select few of us to a few functions around the city with infrequent regularity. This week was the Willis Tower, last week was the Shedd Aquarium, last summer was a architectural boat ride up and down the Chicago River.

It’s sort of a win-win-win for everyone, as the city gets all of us tweeting, Facebook-ing and Instagramming images of the city to our followers, they get fresh content to re-tweet to the masses, and (in this case) the Willis Tower Skydeck gets some free advertising.

The group of us who have done these have started to get know each other a bit. We’re quite the motley bunch, but after a few times of seeing each other, numbers are swapped and plans to grab beers are floated. If nothing else, its a fun evening of image-making, and I truly appreciate the opportunity.

(3698) 0515.

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