Looking Up at Calder’s Flamingo

The bright colors of Alexander Calder’s Flamingo are a stark contrast to the buildings surrounding it, in Chicago, Illinois. (2719)

Alexander Calder gave his Flamingo sculpture it’s bright red color to be a stark contrast to the dark office buildings surrounding it. In an area defined by gloomy-colored buildings and tight spaces, this piece of art is colorfully loud in a large, open plaza. I’ve been meaning to get some pictures of it for quite some time, and finally made my way down to Chicago’s Federal Plaza.

It really is a wonderful piece, and on the Thursday evening I took this, the entire area was empty except for a very few random folks wandering about. In a city of 2.6 million and an metropolitan area of 9.5 million, it is always fascinating to find myself nearly alone at a (normally) busy intersection.

(2719) 0415.

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