Freezing Cold Skyline

Freezing Cold Skyline

In my calendar, marked a year ago on this date, the ambient temperature was 16 degrees below zero. The wind chill was 42 degrees below zero. Not surprisingly, both were records in Chicago.

There were a lot of fantastic images captured from the bitterly cold temperatures — none of them by me. It was too cold to venture outside, so I stayed in the house and kept the dog entertained. (Even she was only allowed outside to “take care of business.”)

As brutal as the temperatures were, it was kind of cozy. Sure, it was all hands on deck, and yes the temperature in our house was slowly losing ground to the frigidness outside, but it was still cozy. Day one I did laundry and let the faucets drip. Day two wasn’t as cozy as I was starting to get a little “cabin fever”, so I bundled up and ventured outside to take some pictures.

By the time I made it outdoors, the steam rising from Lake Michigan had settled a bit and the chance for the more dramatic images had passed. Regardless, it was nice to get out of the house for a bit.

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