Soldier Field and Chicago Skyline

Soldier Field and Chicago Skyline

I do love the Chicago skyline. It looks pretty damn cool from any angle.

A few months back I wandered down to Soldier Field so some pictures of the stadium during a Bears game. I was going to go last year, but the night I chose was during Winter and close to record-setting cold temperatures, so I stayed home and drank hot tea, instead. So, in August, I wandered down and took some pictures.

For the craziness a stadium of  61,000 can have, it can be relatively quiet in the right place on game day. East of Soldier Field is the lakefront with the bike path and Burnham Harbor. I would think the bike path was quiet because most people who would go out running know it’s a Bears game and turn around when they get close. Sailboats moored in the harbor don’t create a whole lot of noise, either.

Add in the faint roar of the crowd when something exciting happens, and it can be a great place to lay out with a picnic basket. Or a great place to wander around with your camera.

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