In an Attitude of Defiance

In an Attitude of Defiance

Whether you’re ready or not, the holidays are here. Thanksgiving has come and gone. Hanukkah is fast approaching. Christmas. New Years. ¬†Then shortly thereafter the hangover sets it.

Personally, I enjoy the holidays and like how so many difference places decorate. There are videos online of people going “all in” on their houses with lights and music, and then there are places like the Art Institute in Chicago who simply throw a wreath and bow on their lion statues standing out front.

By the way, the title of this post is the name of the picture, “In an Attitude of Defiance.” That is the name of the bronze lion pictured. Both of the statues in front of the Art Institute have unofficial names given to them by their sculpture, Edward Kerneys. The north lion is named “On the Prowl” because he looks like he’s, well, on the prowl. The south lion — pictured above — is named “In an Attitude of Defiance” because he looks as such.

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