Evening on Michigan Avenue

Evening on Michigan Avenue

Chicago always provides a plethora of opportunities to make some great images. Michigan Avenue is no exception.

Several years ago I worked at the Chicago Cultural Center a few days a week shooting their jazz and classical music concerts. The shows were during lunch and we were out the door a little after one o’clock in the afternoon. Tuesdays I had classes south of the Cultural Center and Wednesdays I didn’t have anywhere to be. I’d always enjoy my walks up or down Michigan Avenue (Tuesdays to class and Wednesday to the train), even in the foul weather months. Michigan Avenue is always alive and well.

I’d stop in the various art galleries, free concerts or public art displays. I got to know every nook and cranny of “Cloud Gate” located in Millennium Park, the Michigan Avenue bridge over the Chicago River, and the Old Water Tower near the John Hancock Center. Now, as an adult, I’d love to have the time to regularly stroll up and down Michigan Avenue without racing to get to the next thing.

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