Manhattan Skyline Over the Hudson

Manhattan Skyline Over the Hudson

I’ve been doing quite a bit of travel for work, lately. Two weeks ago I was in Laramie, Wyoming and last week found me in New York City. Quite the contrast in locations.

In New York my original plan was to explore Time Square but a friend suggested the Brooklyn Bridge Park, instead.¬†Having been to Times Square several times, I was certainly interested in exploring something different. Fortunately the “Parking Gods” were with me and I found a fantastic (and legal!) spot near the park. While Times Square is on everyone’s “must do” list for their first time in New York City (as it should be), Brooklyn Bridge Park should be on the list for any subsequent visit.

The park offers large, open spaces, but more particularly, sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline. In the morning the sun rises in a way it lights up the entire skyline, but by evening the sun sets behind the city giving everything a spectacular backlight.

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