Crashing Waves at Pemaquid Point

Crashing Waves at Pemaquid Point

I feel like I’ve had a very Chicago-centric photoblog as of late. I think part of it comes from Instagram, because I get a far greater reaction to Chicago pictures than anything else, but also because I naturally have more pictures of Chicago.

Living in Chicago I can grab my camera and head out any time to shoot some images. There have been numerous occasions I’ve taken my camera along as I run errands and randomly stopped to fire off a few stills. As with a lot of travel situations, I’m only in that location for a few hours to a maybe a week for some longer stuff. (Turkey, for example, I was only in for a mere six hours.) On this website, however, I could probably spread out the pictures more. So, the above picture is the first step in doing that.

I had never been to Maine before, so in October of 2009 I grabbed my camera and attended a weeklong photography workshop. I had a fantastic time and greatly improved on my photography, and its always good to keep learning. In addition, I was able to get out and explore some fantastic regional sights, like Maine‘s Pemaquid Point Lighthouse.

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