Trains and Tall Bridges

Trains and Tall Bridges

I’ve always had a thing for trains. Maybe it’s because I was never far away from a train set when I was younger.

Often I wonder if I love things (like trains) now because I played with them as a kid, or did I play with things as a kid (like trains) because there is something about me that was hard-wired from the beginning. Either way, earlier this summer I was out shooting some images around Chicago‘s 18th’s Street Bridge.

The bridge has a little bit of something for everybody. It spans a commuter train railroad yard, the Chicago River and the beautiful Ping Tom Memorial Park. Looking north, the 18th Street Bridge also has a helluva view of the city’s skyline and to the south the a hearty industrial view of Chicago. One can freely move along the bridge’s wide sidewalk and have plenty of room to shoot from (there is a devoted bike lane on 18th Street so you needn’t worry about getting picked off by a passing bicyclist). Traffic isn’t too crazy so wandering from one side of the street to the other is very easy to do.

I found the location by accident as I was driving along one day. The retaining wall of the bridge is just high enough where a driver cannot see over it easily (probably for the better to avoid distractions). On a hunch, I grabbed my camera gear and beaded back. I was not disappointed, and  came away with a number of pictures I really enjoy.  I still go back frequently because I love watching how often the skyline changes.

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