Evening Waves Along Lake Michigan

Evening Waves Along Lake Michigan

Several weeks ago I wandered around Chicago and took a few pictures near Fullerton Beach of the setting sun. I spent about an hour watching the sun set and the lighting get closer to what I was looking for. As the sun dropped below the horizon, the sky turned a very dark blue and that’s what I was waiting for. I enjoy how the lights of the buildings “pop” and the sky still has some light so there the viewer can still see where the buildings end and the sky starts (versus all-black of a late-night sky).

For the image above, I waited awhile, got the lighting I wanted and then moved around. I took a few pictures zoomed in, zoomed out, different angles, etc. One of the last pictures I took before heading to the car was from standing on the tops of the old dilapidated break-wall. With a long exposure the waves of Lake Michigan smoothed out and everything looked so calm and flat.

I ended up taking about a dozen pictures as I headed back to the car, and I really like all of them (especially this one). I’ve been incredibly busy on other projects lately and haven’t been able to make it out as much as I did earlier this summer. I really need to be careful however, or next thing I know summer will be gone and there will be ice formed on these very same rocks.

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