Soldier Field and the Chicago Skyline

Soldier Field and the Chicago Skyline

For years I had peddled my bike along Chicago‘s lakefront and enjoyed the various views the ride has to offer. Many times I’d bring my camera along and document the various things I’d see. This particular location south of Soldier Field and north of McCormick Place perked my interest because of the boats, the view and the inclusion of the Soldier Field.

It’s taken a couple of years, but I finally made it back to that location for a Bears night game. Because I wanted to avoid getting tangled in game traffic, I ended up parking two-and-a-half miles away and hiking with my gear to this location. The sunset — just off camera to the left — was spectacular, but I couldn’t find away to accurately include it in the image you see above. To my immediate left was a large group of trees, and if I went any more to the right I’d be swimming.

I still like how the image turned out. I wish it was a slightly more accessible location so it would be more enticing to give it another go on different nights. Realistically, I’ll probably throw my bike in the car and do it again. Having some wheels will help me cover some ground and mix up my locations a bit.

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