Respect and Admiration

I have always had a tremendous respect for fire fighters.

Aside from the simple fact they are running into buildings as everyone is running out, you rarely hear of fire fighters using their position of power for personal gain. I’m sure it happens, but I’ve never seen or heard of it. (If it does, I’m sure it happens far less than the ratio of police or other government officials.) I have, however, been around people who were being jerks, and when asked “What’s with you? Do you think it’s your birthday?” Said jerk proceeded to pull out his police badge and proclaim “Sweetie, every day is my birthday.”

Fire fighters carry their basic equipment with them on family road trips in case they come across an accident. Fire fighters are in shape and work out regularly. Fire fighters carry an abundance of gear high into the burning hills to tirelessly work to eradicate a forest fire.

Now, I’m not saying police officers suck, because they don’t. They work just as hard and, in most cases, deal with situations you or I could never even dream of. In both cases they are woefully underpaid.

So please don’t think for a minute this is a post bashing police officers. It’s not. It is, however, a high-five to fire fighters. Be it rescuing cats from trees or running up the steps of a burning building, they answer the call of duty with nary a complaint, and they finish their job and quietly dissolve back into the night. The next morning they may even wake up early to wash their fire truck.

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