John Hancock and the Evening Skyline

John Hancock and the Evening Skyline

I’ve been getting out and taking pictures a lot lately. I’m trying to do it at least once a week. I’ve really started to explore deeper parts of Chicago and find new angles to view the skyline, and I couldn’t love it more.

Early in this summer’s endeavor I wandered down to the lakefront to look for some different angles to shoot the skyline. From North Avenue Beach, I was able to walk along the water’s edge with the various break walls jutting out from the shoreline, and they gave a nice ability to seemingly walk out over the water.

This picture is also one of the first where I, seemingly, became addicted to “blue hour.” It’s the time of the night when the sun is very low (or has set) and the sky has a beautiful, deep, rich blue color to it. I love the way the sky is light enough to see the detail in the buildings, but dark enough to still see the twinkle of the lights.

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