Lower Wacker and Trump Tower

Lower Wacker and Trump Tower

Last week I went out to shoot some images of Chicago and found myself running so late I was chasing the light and scored some images I wasn’t too excited about. This week I gave myself the correct amount of time and really made myself happy.

Starting at Navy Pier I wandered around looking for things to shoot. With a great vantage point of the city and a beautiful sunset, it wasn’t too difficult. Once the sun set I wandered down to the edge of Navy Pier and shot boats coming and going. Once that light faded I wandered up to the river and shot the Chicago River with Trump Tower in the background. Having just taken that a identical photograph last week, this week I was able to wander around and try some different things, which brings me to the image above.

While driving to the dog beach earlier in the week I looked over my shoulder and realized a strong potential for a picture. It was in a weird place where Wacker Drive and Lakeshore Drive meet, and I had never seen an image from there before. (So often with Instagram I see a lot of the same pictures, over and over and over and over again.) I was in this location for awhile, shooting from a few different locations (sometimes even standing in the roadway when the traffic light was red).

I like the blurred lines of traffic whizzing by, and the sky isn’t completely black so the buildings can still be easily seen. It’s something that sort of came together with tinkering and experimenting and I’m pleased with the result. I wish I had time to do it last week, but without last week this week wouldn’t have had as much fun.

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