Trump and the Chicago River at Dusk

Trump and the Chicago River at Dusk

The last few times I’ve gone out to take pictures in the evening it has been clear skies. Earlier this week when I went out the skies were filled with clouds and I mis-judged how quickly it would get dark. I found myself scrambling to get to where I wanted to be.

By and large, when I go out to shoot the city of Chicago, I think about weather, timing and what I’m looking for. Instead of being someone who shoots all over and comes home with a handful of shots, I like to focus on one thing and capture it as best I can. On Monday night, that one thing was looking down the Chicago River at Trump Tower.

As has been the case for the last few weeks, sunset was scheduled for 8:30PM. Normally the skies are dark enough for what I’m looking for about 8:45PM. With the heavy cloud cover, that time was about 8:31PM. Since I left the house later than I wanted and was going to a more difficult place get to, I was nearly sprinting to reach the Lakeshore Drive bridge.

I did get the picture I wanted, but think the river is missing something. I’d be nice to have a big tour boat filling the foreground, so I’ll try my picture again in a few days. This time, however, I’ll be much earlier to the location.

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