Wrigley Building and the American Flag

Wrigley Building and the American Flag

Several years back I came across a picture of an enormous American flag hanging from the side of Chicago’s Wrigley Building. I loved the picture and I loved the idea of a nine-story tall American flag. Since I was never really sure when the flag was erected, I decided this was the year I’d figure it out and snap a few of my own images.

Earlier this week I went downtown to take some pictures along the Chicago River. As I marched along the riverwalk, I came around the corner and saw the mighty flag was hanging from the side of the Wrigley Building. Finally. While my intent was to photograph other things that night, my new focus was all about the American flag and the Wrigley Building.

I ended up spending about two hours shooting pictures in all forms of light (sunset, twilight, dark skies, etc.) before calling it a night. Yesterday, while the sun was high in the sky I went back for some more¬†images, but this time in the daylight. With the tour boats out, a few clouds here and there, it couldn’t have been a more beautiful day. I spent another couple of hours shooting before heading back home.

This probably isn’t the best picture from the nearly four hours of shooting, but given I now have a couple hundred photos to work through, this is one of the early discoveries I really, really like. With the flag, the boat traffic and the bright blue sky, it seems like a fitting image to celebrate Independence Day in Chicago.

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