Quiet Night

Quiet Night Inspired by Instagram, I’ve been having fun going back through my pictures. Normally I take a handful of pictures on any endeavor and move on to the next round of image-making. In doing so, I leave any number of pictures behind on my hard drive which I don’t think twice about.

With my recent resurgence on Instagram, I’ve been able to go back over pictures and folders once used in blog posts and post another picture on the social media site. Sometimes, like with the image above, I realize I really like the picture and not just let the image die a slow death on my hard drive.

And I think Instagram is kind of weird in that way. I think it’s not uncommon to see a lot of “meh” photographs pop up on the site. No, I’m not referring to selfies and other shitty photographs, but specifically I’m tired of seeing building reflections in puddles. Not to rip into my own picture, but I think the above picture is fairly “meh” as well. I’d love to take the image again but with the sun setting versus total darkness. I like the boat passing by but think the exposure might be slightly too long. On Instagram, however, it isn’t a close-up of food or a building’s reflection in a puddle. When I posted it yesterday, the picture did fairly well for me and I think that’s pretty cool.

It’s nice to have good quality stuff as much as possible, but along the way there are bound to be B+ images, as well.

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