The World’s Greatest Skyline

The World's Greatest Skyline

I’ve begun to work my way back through “forgotten” pictures.

For example, after I went up in a helicopter I pulled about thirty of my favorite images from the pile of pictures I took. After a couple of years have passed, I’ve gone back into that folder and found a number of images that are still quite good but didn’t make that first official cut. There is nothing wrong with them. There is nothing unappealing about them. However, next to the A+ pictures the B+ pictures didn’t make the cut, apparently.

So, I’ve begun to go back through photographs, spending about an hour a day, re-examining my folders. The picture above is from the day in a helicopter. Last week I found a picture of Buckingham Fountain in Chicago that is a damn fine picture, but it didn’t make the cut. Same with pictures from the Galapagos Islands and from South Africa and all points in between.

You’ll see a few posted in the coming days, as well as hopefully I’ll have another day up in a helicopter soon.

This time, however, I’ll check and then double-check my pictures right away. No need to discard the Bs and Cs just to make way for the As.

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