Bikes and Buildings

Bikes and Buildings

This image is from last night and it is not the image I was going for.

Last evening I went out to shoot some pictures of the Chicago skyline. After spending a half-an-hour hanging out waiting for the right lighting, I got the picture I liked and made my way back to the car. I may have taken about 50 pictures while I was standing at the original location, but took only one of this guy on his bike.

I’ve learned I need to keep my camera out of my bag until I reach the car. Sometimes an image develops beautifully and my camera is in my bag and my tripod is strapped on as well. More often than not, out of sheer laziness, I don’t take a picture because I don’t feel like taking off my bag, unzipping it to reach for my camera inside, detach my tripod from the bag and extend the legs to then compose a shot. It’s a lot of work when one is feeling lazy. So, to make up for it I just don’t put my camera away.

So last night, towards the end of my photo expedition, this guy peddled up on his bike and admired the skyline. As I passed behind him I opened the legs of my tripod up (I had the entire tripod and camera ready to go except I closed the legs) and fired off only a single shot.

That single shot turned out to be my favorite picture of the night.


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