Eye-Level Skyline

Eye-Level Skyline

Earlier this year I cut back on doing blog posts to focus more time and energy on making money with my photography. Part of that effort has been increasing my stock photography portfolio, and a smaller part was participating in an art festival a few weeks back. Both have produced wildly different results.

The stock photography sits on a website (in my case, iStockphoto) and waits until someone sees it and thinks enough of it to purchase. Selling at the art festival was slightly more work, but far more rewarding. It was nice to interact with people, answer questions, and make a few bucks.

In both cases, the money I earn doesn’t produce enough to retire on. I’d love to sell a picture or two and cover all of my bills for the month, but I know that isn’t too realistic. It is nice, however, to make a couple of bucks to offset all of the various parking fees and such.

When I drive someplace (Michigan, for example), there is a price paid for gas and tolls. If driving to Navy Pier I have to pay for parking (although this year I’m really working hard to not pay for parking anywhere). Or, in the case of the image above, there is time and fuel cost for climbing into a helicopter.

Aerial photography has become one of my favorite things to play around with. I love the different views associated with getting a couple thousand feet off of the ground can. I think it is always nice to see the “same ‘ol things” but from a different perspective, and I think it’s a hearty challenge — on my end — to produce a quality image.

Originally I passed over the above image. I thought I had come up with some better stuff that day, and while I think that is still true, I really like how there isn’t anything wrong with this image. I’m glad I went back to take a second and third look through my aerial shots.

I’m planning on another helicopter endeavor a little later this year. My goal is to go up and shoot around sunset, which should produce some stunning colors. To offset the cost of the helicopter fuel, I’ve tucked away a few dollars from my art festival and stock photography sales. Like I said above, I’m not looking to retire with my photography, but it is nice to not be losing money with it, either.

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