Old Pier and Rising Sun

Old Pier and Rising Sun

I recently realized I don’t have many sunrise pictures.

Getting pictures of the sunrise involves getting up early and being in position about a half-and-hour before the sun actually introduces itself.

With my schedule and desire to sleep in sunrise pictures don’t happen naturally. Additionally, I feel like Chicago doesn’t offer up many opportunities to get glorious sunrise photos. Since our city faces the East, a lot of times the early-morning images involve shooting out over an endless surface of water. Personally, I think Lake Michigan, while it can be majestic, can also be quite flat and boring. For the few places with something to include in the foreground, like parts of an old, abandoned pier poking above the waterline of near Evanston, Illinois (above), I don’t feel like going back to the same places time and time again. Sure, the sunrise changes each and every day, but I don’t want to keep going back to the same places time and time again.

Maybe one day I’ll win the lottery so I can hike deep into the wilderness and camp for two weeks to get those majestic shots of the sun rising behind a mountain range. In reality, I need to suck it up and realize Chicago has thousands of fantastic places to shoot the sunrise, I just need to stop being a brat and wake up early for a change.

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