Colorful Sambodromo Parade

Colorful Sambodromo Parade

Carnival season 2014 is just finishing up across many parts of the world. Among other things, Carnival celebrates the exit of winter and the entry of spring. The largest and most famous of all —  the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — took place this week. The city’s six million residence and more than 900,000 tourists crowded into the streets for days of rowdy, joyous parades and extravagant processions by the city’s best samba schools.

In 2011 my wife and I traveled to Rio to celebrate Carnival and take part in one of the world’s greatest festivals.

Part of the celebration is the various samba schools from in an around Rio build floats to march through the Sambódromo. The parade lasts five or six hours and each school has about an hour to do with what they choose.

In the image above, members of the São Clemente samba school perform during their allotted time at the Sambódromo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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