Frigid Cold Skyline

Frigid Cold Skyline

We’ve had a crazy winter this year. If it’s not cold we’ve had a non-stop pummeling snow. Some friends and I got into a discussion about what we’d rather have, the snow or the cold. I was surprised it was pretty split down the middle with what people liked.

I took the snow.

We can shovel the snow. We can sled in the snow. We can take pictures of the snow. We can eat the snow. We can play in the snow. If it’s cold, you can’t do much but hunker down in the house and hope pipes don’t freeze.

When we had the blast of cold temperatures earlier this year I did wander out to take pictures. I was too busy trying to keep pipes from freezing to get out during the coldest temps, but once things settled down I did make it out. This was one of the images from that endeavor. When it gets super-cold and the air temperature is colder than the water temperatures, Lake Michigan emits a faint steam.

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